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Labels are issued for many purposes, including commercial advertising and promotion; fundraising (usually then called "seals"); propaganda, publicity, and education; non-governmental payment receipts (example: union dues); and series issued for label collectors. (Post-office issued labels will be considered separately.) In the early part of the 1900s, collecting labels issued in series was very popular, with a few issuers publishing albums (but not in Norway to my knowledge); usually one had to buy a product or visit a store to obtain a label for the album. The term "poster stamps" is often applied to many labels because they are really miniature posters. Labels often look like stamps, but can range from smaller to much larger; from boring and crude to stunning works of art; and from very inexpensive to quite valuable. Some collectors seek labels either for specific thematic appeal or for design elements of the artwork. Norwegian labels, in both overall variety and quantities printed, seem to be few and far between compared to the masses issued in many European countries during the early 1900s. (In Scandinavia, Danish issuers were by far the most prolific, with Swedish issuers well behind and the other countries with many fewer issues. Approvals are available from all Scandinavian countries.) Even the most "common" of labels is usually extremely scarce compared to the postage stamps of the same time period; there are many $5 labels that would be worth $500 if they were postage stamps. It is important to note that, over the years, labels have not received the same level of care usually afforded to postage stamps and thus labels are much more likely to have condition problems. Lesser condition always affects the value, but do not automatically pass up a label for that reason alone; you may never see another example of it.
All items are available for viewing on approval. I have a substantial and constantly changing stock of Danish (and other Scandinavian) adveritising, patriotic and political, and collector series labels, including a tremendous range of topics. What are you seeking?
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J. Cohen Bookprinter ca.1915 advertising label. #4 in a series of 12 (I have never seen the whole series). Shows printer examing his work; somewhat comical design. Back-printed on top of gum. With full gum (unusual) and in excellent condition. Very attractive and quite unusual.
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