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Faroe: Stamps: 1919 Provisionals  
All post-1974 stamps are VF and fresh. See description details for earlier issues.
All post-1974 regular stamp issues can also be supplied in blocks, plate blocks, and mini sheets (when such formats exist).
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Scott #1 [1919 2 øre overprint on 5 øre Christian X] Used XF on 19 January 1919 cover with additional 5 øre stamp (F-VF) as usual. Neat, light THORSHAVN cancellation; sent locally in Thorshavn (to "her": here). The cover is roughly addressed to Ester Pilgaard and appears to be from "H" (on reverse). The handwriting is a bit smudged, but a bit on the front and on the reverse there appears to be additional blood smudges. Whether the blood is from fish or whales or animals or the writer himself is beyond my capability, however I have seen this occur a few times before on early Faroe covers. There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with the cover, but the smudged handwriting places the value of the cover the same as the value of the Used XF #1 stamp and is thus priced at only the value of the XF single stamp. Accompanied by Jay Smith certificate with lifetime guarantee, however, in case the purchaser wishes me to remove the single stamp from the cover, the certificate will not be prepared until the time of purchase.
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BISECT FROM NEWSPAPER WRAPPER. Facit #2 [1919 use of bisected 4 øre Wavy-Line/Numeral postal stationery wrapper] Upper right corner bisect, Used XF on 17 January 1919 piece with additional 5 øre stamp (VF centered, but hidden perf fault) as usual. Strong THORSHAVN cancellations. Faroe Scott #1 and the bisects were created as the result of an increase in the local postal rate (to 7 øre) before the new 7 øre stamps had arrived from Denmark. When it became obvious that overprinting (with 2 øre) the limited supply of 5 øre stamps (to make Scott #1) was not likely to fulfill postal needs before the new 7 øre stamps arrived from Denmark, bisecting 4 øre stamps and 4 øre postal stationery wrappers was permitted. The bisected stamp is listed as Scott Denmark #88a, but the bisected newspaper wrapper is much scarcer and not listed by Scott (because it is from postal stationery), but it is listed by virtually every other catalog that lists Faroe. This example is extremely attractive with large margins and fresh color. Accompanied by 1975 S. Grønlund and 1976 Gunner Lundegaard Nielsen certificates, as well as by a 2019 Jay Smith certificate with lifetime guarantee.
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