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Intentional Albino Plate Impressions: Lot of 4 items. Starting with the 1962 installation of a new printing press for steel-engraved stamps, Norwegian stamp plate making changed. For certain stamp issues, ranging probably from 1962 (and certainly from 1967) through at least 1987, the sheets of some stamp issues show partial albino engraved impressions of the stamps in the sheet selvage, usually 15-25 mm from the printed stamp design. This is an intentional (but not sure why) artifact of the plate making process and is not an error. Though the albino impressions are hard to see, they are obvious under oblique lighting. I cannot remember ever seeing any dealer offers of such items. They are an interesting aspect of the printing process. Group of four items, all full corner margin pieces: Scott #503 upper left block (1967), 524 upper left block and lower left single (1969), and 911 lower right pair (1987).
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515/516 ORIGINAL ARTWORK [1968 Aasmund Olavssund VINJE] The original 1967 artwork of the K. Løkke-Sørensen design for this important 1968 stamp issue commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Aasmund Olavssund Vinje. A beautiful 100 x 135 mm painting, in shades of brown, on illustrator board (115 x 145 mm). The design is almost identical to the issued stamps except that the denomination is 90 and is on the left instead of right. There is also a design error in the painting (corrected on the issued stamp) -- the artist used the initials OA instead of AO. Signed by the artist at lower left and dated "67". Vinje was a proponent of the use of the Nynorsk [New Norwegian] (Landsmål) language. This is the first Norwegian stamp issue to use the Nynorsk "NOREG" country name! Provenance: This was in the William Benfield collection (so marked on the reverse). Benfield bought it from auctioneer and stamp dealer Irwin Heiman (Metro Stamp Company), February 24, 1973 (see note on back of the Benfield album page; the reference to Memphis was because Benfield lived there at the time). I purchased it from Benfield in the late 1980s (?) as part of the Benfield non-Danish essay-proof collection. I sold it to a member of the Vinje family located in the U.S. (early 1990s?). That family later sold it to a western U.S. stamp dealer who noticed that the description was from me and the dealer sold it to me in July 2014. I then sold it again to collector MXZ in September 2014 and repurchased it from MXZ in September 2017 with other parts of his collection.
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NK #SA1 1982 Authors, Mint, NH. : (Reproduces pairs of Scott #810-1.) As printed, the mint cards were not canceled nor marked as not being valid for postage. For a few days stamps cut from the cards were accepted for postal use. Many collectors, albums, and catalogs consider these to be "stamps". Facit #BL4.
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1662-3 [2011 Christmas] NH VF Horizontal Pair on yellow backing paper (the presentation pack / year pack version, NOT The vertical pair on white backing paper that comes from booklets) with black ink smear on left stamp. Classified as a "printing freak" probably caused by foreign matter on the plate. While such items might be considered dubious, I discovered this myself in a presentation pack which I purchased from the post office.
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