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These gently used books and catalogs are a great way to build your philatelic knowledge and library. All items are used and in at least "good" condition unless otherwise mentioned. I am constantly purchasing philatelic libraries, thus if there is anything you are seeking, please let me know. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Due to the low prices, variations in weight, and different mailing methods, distances, and destinations, shipping cost is additional for items in the Specials Literature listings unless otherwise mentioned. When ordering please include a note in the shopping cart comments section indicating if you prefer faster/costlier or slower/cheaper delivery so that I may more quickly quote the shipping costs and options for you.

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Swedish Stamps 1855-1944 An Overview: (Odfjell, 1946; Sveriges Frimerker 1855-1944) A Norwegian-language handbook of Swedish stamps published as a supplement to Norsk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift. Interesting and quite scarce. Excellent used condition for this scarce book.


Sweden Nordisk Filateli Classic Stamp Printings Color Pages: (1970s-1980s?) Nordisk Filateli, a major monthly Swedish philatelic magazine, for several years published a supplemental separate page in the magazine that illustrated the color shades of each Facit-listed stamp color of the classic stamps. Attempting to accurately reproduce typographed early stamp colors by modern offset / lithography (by which these pages were printed) is a very challenging task. The editors did an admirable job, especially given that the possible spectrum of stamp colors is larger than the possible spectrum of colors that can be accurately reproduced by this method. Furthermore, the color shades can vary in a range (daily hand-mixed inks) for any given Facit-listed color listing. Even if they did not get every color absolutely perfectly correct, this publication certainly does a good job of showing the relative differences and similarities. This is the next best thing to actually owning an expertized example of each color of each early Swedish stamp. Since the pages were issued one per month (or less often?) for a number of years, assembling a set is challenging; many "sets" are missing some pages. This "set" runs complete from page 1 through page 46, which covers all Swedish stamps from Scott #1-49 / Facit #1-49: the Skilling Bancos, the Vapens (coat of arms), the Lions, and ALL the Ringtypes through the 1 kr Ringtype with Posthorn on the back. It does NOT include any later-issued pages (which cover the postage dues, officials, and into the Oscar stamps). The pages are in excellent condition except for: Page 1 has a some aging away from the images; Page 2 has a stain away from the images. The rest of the pages are excellent. The pages have been Scotch-taped only at the four corners to generic blank (unlined) notebook paper. For long-term preservation, they should be removed from their backing notebook paper and placed into clear-fronted archival page holders. This set is originally from the Jeremiah Farrington collection and then was in my library. I am only selling it because I just located a set that includes later pages. If I did not have a set at all, I would have happily paid this price for this set to page #46. Despite trying hard to do so, it took me about 20 years to obtain my own first set of these pages, and another 20-25 years to obtain a second, larger set.


The Treskilling Yellow - The Most Valuable Thing in the World: (Fimmerstad, 2004) A stunning 186-page hardbound book devoted to the history of one single stamp: the famous and unique 1855 3 Skilling Banco of Sweden, printed in yellow instead of green. Said to be, by weight, the most valuable object in the world (the 1 cent Magenta has not been auctioned as of this writing). Completely in ENGLISH and beautifully illustrated, this book discusses every possible aspect of the history of this one stamp. Even a non-collector would find this fascinating. Used copy, with some scuffs on the cover, but the pages are in pristine condition. I have recently seen used copies of this book on offer between $125 and $145.


"Vad Kostade Brevet?" (What Did a Letter Cost?): (Carlin, 1975; Vad Kostade Brevet?) Swedish postal rates and services from 1636 to... Though in Swedish, interesting postal rate/services discussion plus many easy-to-use rate charts. This is a PHOTOCOPY from the library of a postal historian whose interest only extended to the mid-1800s, thus this example ONLY INCLUDES pages complete through page 114 (mid-1800s), plus only some pages after that. The original is hard to obtain. Great for the collector of early postal history and pre-stamp or stampless covers.


Swedish Postal History 1855-1925: (Billgren and Andersson, 1996; Svensk Posthistoria 1855-1925 Handbok D:2) Important and extremely valuable discussion of postal services and postal rates for the first 70 years of Swedish stamps. To illustrate the range of subjects covered, the table of contents is four pages and the index is ten pages! This has a lot of postal rate information, but it is not really a postal rate chart book -- it is discusses, and often illustrates, each mail category and service, along with providing extensive postal rate information. The text is completely in Swedish, however with the assistance of translate.google.com a non-Swede can use it without too much difficulty. (For active clients, I am happy to assist with limited amounts of text if online translation is not completely helpful with the philatelic context.) Nicely illustrated, 329 pages, softbound (the only edition published). This example is very gently used; the nicest example I have had since new copies sold out a very long time ago. This is a genuinely scarce book; I do not know the print quantity, but it was not nearly enough! When new and still in print about 20 years ago, this sold for about $75. Since it sold out, I have only been able to offer one or two examples!


Facit Swedish Cancellation And Postal History Catalog 1985: (Facit Ortstämplerkatalog Postal History 1985) An older edition (latest 2004 edition is in stock for $69.50), but still very useful for those starting out in collecting Swedish cancels. Lists and prices cancellations and postmarks from the pre-stamp era, through the modern types, with pricing for each era. Also lists ship, railway, rural letter carriers, postal agencies, foreign cancellations on Swedish stamps, etc., etc. In its day, this book was considered to be an incredibly great reference. While you will eventually wish to have the 2004 edition, this book is a great way to get started with Swedish cancels. If you just collect used Swedish stamps or have only a passing interest in postmarks, you will still want this book; just one "find" will pay for it many times over! Brand new condition from a boxed up literature dealers stock.


Sweden Ship Mail Cancellations: (MacFie, 1977; Angbatspost) The primary handbook and catalog of these cancels with illustrations of types, routes, dates of use, ships on which used, rarity factors, etc. See Facit Cancel Catalog for pricing. ENGLISH summary, indexed by region and ship name. Highly recommended. So gently used you will insist that it is brand new. (Old #60558)


The Post and Rail in Dal: (SFF, 1983; Post och Jarnvagar pa Dal) Useful group of articles on the history of postal service, including boat and railway postal service as well the railway parcel service and stamps in Dalsland. In Swedish. Excellent used condition. New is $16! (Old #60579)


Study of Swedish Postage Due Markings 1843-1874: (Ivarsson, 1974; En Studie av de Svenska Losenstamplarna 1843-1874) Very important and well-illustrated study and cataloging of the early Swedish postage due markings. Includes dates and circumstances of use, and rarity factors. In Swedish. OUT OF PRINT and very difficult to obtain. Spotless, virtually like-new condition. (Old #60561)


"LPK-71" Specialized Catalog of Swedish Local Post Stamps: (SF. Bältespännarna, 1971; LPK-71 Specialkatalog Över Svensk Lokalpost) An extremely handy specialized catalog with ca-1971 pricing (current pricing is in the Facit Sverige catalog, which I have in stock). The only edition, that I know of, of this catalog. What makes this catalog so useful (beyond Facit Sverige, etc.) are details (where known) such as exact issue dates, quantities printed, sheet sizes, etc. This information is otherwise quite hard to find. Soft cover (saddle-stitched), 74 pages. In Swedish but quite straight-forward to use (especially using the translate.google.com website). Excellent, very gently used condition. Quite difficult to obtain; there was virtually no original distribution in the U.S.


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