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Scott #210 [1883 2c Red Brown Washington] extremely damaged on 16 January 1887 cover from the "House of Representatives U.S." containing a complete handwritten letter from U.S. Representative (from New York 15th district) Henry Bacon to H.W. Chadeaque of Cornwall, New York. The Washington postmark is likely of a type used for Congressional mail. The reverse of the envelope bears a fancy scalloped blue oval receiving postmark "CORNWALL / Orange Co., N.Y. / Rec. JAN 17". The letter appears to be addressing a complaint from a constituent in regard to postal matters, apparently unsatisfactory mail carrier service. The letter is signed by Henry Bacon -- the signature matches known examples. There is a discoloration in the corner containing the signature (and the envelope was affected also), however, online autograph dealers offer this signature (undated, not on a full letter) at $170! The primary value is that of the autograph, however, the receiver postmark may be scarce as well.
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