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Danish West Indies: Stamps: Scott 37-39  
Scott numbers have been given for these listings. If you would prefer to examine the stamps before purchasing, or you are seeking stamps (or condition or quality) not listed here, you are also welcome to send your want list using Scott, Facit, or AFA numbers.
The images shown in this section are standard images of the issues from my image library; they are presented to show the designs of the stamp issues and not to show the specific individual stamps being offered. The centering of the stamps in the images is usually Superb or VF quality; again these are not images of the individual stamps being offered. Most DWI stamps had between two and eight printings, thus colors vary greatly; the colors in the images are random printings/colors.
All the listed conditions and qualities were in stock at the moment this list was prepared and I endeavor to maintain them in stock and to keep this website updated. However, my stock changes daily and (to paraphrase) good stamps are hard to find. If you are willing to accept a different grade or quality if an item is temporarily out of stock, please let me know when ordering (add a comment at the conclusion of the shopping cart process) and please also let me know of any alternates you will consider.
See additional examples of Danish West Indies Stamps in the following Sections:
Gallery (Selected stamps of particularly high quality or rarity).
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Scott #
Quality & Description
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37-9 [1905 1-5 franc set, Ship in St. Thomas Harbor] Used F-VF+/VF set of three, each on small piece. The piece papers are all three different, all heavy paper types as one would expect for registered letters or parcel wrappings. All three postmarks are ST. THOMAS, but with varying subtypes (multiple subtypes were in use at the time) and struck with varying intensity. The tying to the pieces is very limited and thus difficult to "prove", but these appear to be genuine and proper. Uses on cover of these three stamps is in the range of quite scarce to quite rare, however this set is priced only at the same amount as a normal Used off-paper set with the respective centering of each stamp!
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VF [70075]
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F-VF [70075]
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