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Denmark: Test Stamps: Early Issues  
Test Stamps (also called Dummy Stamps in the U.S.) are created by stamp printers and post offices to test printing and production processes and other machines. While a few have had extensive philatelic distribution, most were never intended to be known to collectors and are very scarce. New discoveries continue to be made. Denmark has made use of several types and designs of test stamps; some of these are shown in the AFA Specialized Catalog at the start of the 1933 steel-engraved period.

All items are available for viewing on approval. I have a constantly changing stock of Danish and all Scandinavian essays, proofs, reprints, specimens, and test stamps. Most such items sell before they get to the website or price lists. What are you seeking?
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1932 Helligånds Church design used to test the first Danish steel-engraving printing press. Recorded by AFA in Yellow Green, Dark Green, and Red (I have never seen the latter). I have also recorded at least two different engraving types, (stronger vs weaker lines in the sky) which may represent different stages in the engraving or may be completely different dies. AFA Specialized 2008 lists the lowest priced at DKK 2500 = US$425 (12/08), but they are so rarely seen that this value (unchanged for many years) may be much too low. Yellow Green with strong engraving lines in the sky. NH VF. Very scarce and beautiful!
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This and all Scandinavian test stamps are wanted.

ca.1933-1936 "Christian IV in Armour" engraved by Johannes Britze ("J-BRITZE" appears below the design), in BLACK on UNGUMMED WHITE PAPER. Design size 20 x 37 mm on paper roughly 40 x 58 mm. Listed by Benfield (Danish Essays, volume 2, on page 368 in the Test Stamp appendix) as a test stamp, known in "at least seven colors on white, wove, gummed paper without watermark". I have personally recorded one each gummed and ungummed examples, both in black. Presumed to be copper plate impressions from a hand press. The Danish Postal Museum has examples which appear to have been used for color samples of Sadolin and Holmblad inks. Johannes Britze engraved all the Danish (engraved) postage stamps from 1933 to 1944. Not listed by AFA (which does list other test stamps) presumably because this and some other designs do not quite resemble postage stamps, though they were prepared for postal testing purposes. The items in this era that AFA does list, also engraved by Britze, are listed with values ranging from DKK 1500 to 3000. I have only recorded having two examples of this design in 45 years. Very scarce and beautiful! I believe that fewer than ten examples exist in private collections.
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