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Greenland: Picture Post Cards: Dear Doctor Picture Post Cards  
Please also see listings of post cards in the various Covers sections, including the Expedition Covers sections. All items are available for approval viewing. Many other examples and many other types of picture post cards (of all the Scandinavian countries) are also available; this is just a small sample of my stock. Please inquire.
In the 1950s and 1960s, several drug companies, but principally Abbott, created pharmiceutical printed-message picture post cards that were mailed from locations around the world to doctors. These cards usually promoted specific drugs. A few other non-drug advertising cards used the same approach. The cards often in exist in multiple language and textual (for example, cards to Canada are different than to the U.S., though both are in English) versions appropriate for the doctors in the receiving countries. Because large quantities of these cards were mailed, the post offices often cooperated by creating a fixed-date postmark device. In the case of Greenland, there were several such postmarks created and they are appropriately cataloged in GF6 1997 at DKK 600 (approximately $95-120 depending upon current conversion rates) each on card. This valuation does not take into account that certain card language versions and destination countries are much scarcer. There is an active collector society for these (worldwide) cards; they keep records of all the variations that exist.
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"Dear Doctor" Abbott Laboratories advertising picture post card for Pentothal Sodium bearing Scott #31a and fixed-date postmark GF6 1997 #29.Bro.12. Card message is in English and was sent to the U.S. Card pictures "Native sealers from Greenland, picture from the Greenland film QIVITOQ..." Scarce card.
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