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All are VF and fresh, as issued. The "official number" is as printed on the item; not all items bear numbers. The "official number" is different from subsequent numbered lists assembled by the post office and philatelists.
Year     Official
Description    US $
1974 ? "1100 Years" Folder 15.00
1986 GM 1 Reykjavik Issue Pack [Unannounced, only sold at Stockholmia '86; extremely scarce.] 40.00
1987 ? 1987 Bird Pack WANTED
1989 GM 003 1988/1989 Bird Pack 13.00
  GM 08 1989/1990/1991 Landscape Pack (only 5000 issued) 30.00
1991 -- Nordia '91 Pack containing the three Map souvenir sheets 42.00
1991 -- Duck Stamp (first issue). Signed & numbered card, stamp, folder. (Not a post office issue; issued by the Icelandic Duck Stamp organization.) 40.00
1992 -- Faroe/Iceland Joint Issue Eriksson & Columbus "Amerika" EUROPA Pack. Has Icelandic postal symbol on the reverse -- this version is scarce. Another version was issued by the Faroe post office with their postal symbol on the reverse (available for $28.00). Both versions contain Faroe Scott #238 and Iceland Scott #751 souvenir sheets NH VF. 35.00
1994 ? Republic 50th Anniversary "Presidents" Book. Deluxe book with padded cover, etc. Beautiful. 60.00
1994 -- Ireland/Faroe/Iceland Joint Issue "Saint Brendan" Pack containing the three souvenir sheets. 40.00

1994 GM 12 Sports 1990-1994 issues Pack 18.00
1995 -- Iceland-Luxembourg Joint Issue Pack containing a both Mint and FD-canceled 4-blocks from each country. 30.00
1996 G 18 Birds 1995/1996 issues Pack 15.00
1996 -- Olympics Pack 12.00
1998 GM 22 Fish s/s Pack (Lisbon Expo '98) [Virtually unknown to collectors; also a UN/UNESCO International Year of the Ocean item.] 18.00
1999 -- Icelandic Yule Goblins Pack (vertical format) 20.00
2001 -- Horses Pack 13.00

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