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I have an extensive stock of all types and eras of Norwegian booklets, but they are not yet listed here. Please send your want list or let me know of your interests. The most recent specialized cataloging of Norwegian booklets is the current edition of the Norgeskatalogen [NK] (available; please inquire). The Facit Catalog also lists Norwegian booklets, but not in a specialized manner. I am able to fill want lists using the numbers of any of these catalogs. All booklets are NH, VF, complete and fresh, unless described otherwise.
Starting in 1991, the Norwegian post office authorized local town post office (and ship-board post offices) to create and issue local booklets. The covers of the booklets reflect the local community; the stamps are normal sheet stamps placed in the booklets, attached by sheet selvage. In some cases different stamp issues were use (in the same booklet covers) over time. By the end of 2006 about 77 different major-number booklets had been issued. Since these were produced for local or local-tourist consumption, the quantities issued are usually small; ranging from approximately 200 to 2000, with a very few having higher quantities. They could only be obtained from the issuing local post office. While these may sound like an attempt to sell more stamps to collectors, the fact is that very little effort was made to sell them to the philatelic trade (for example, I did not know about them from several years) and the broader philatelic world either found out about them years later or even still does not know about them. The 1991-2006 issues are cataloged (but not priced) in "Det lille bibliotek, bind 3" (The Little Library, volume 3) which is available from me (#18183). I am not aware of any cataloging beyond 2006 -- I would welcome any such information. I have more (different) of these booklets than are listed here; if you are seeking something specific or would be generally interested, please let me know. I also have all the normal nationally issued booklets in stock.
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Local Booklet LH 5 I: 1992 Flċmsbana (railway line) containing pane of 10 Scott #1025 [1992 4.20 Europa: passenger ship and New York skyline]. This is the first of two printings of this booklet containing this stamp; 1000 were issued of this printing, 1130 of the second printing (the printing information is inside the booklet cover). A third printing using the same cover contained different stamps. Great topical item: trains, Europa, ships, U.S. / New York, emigration from Norway, etc. NH VF. I have only had two or three examples of this booklet.
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For reference only. NOT for sale.

Local Booklet LH ?: 2010. Issued by the Fredrikstad Post Office. Contains a pane of two personalized stamps showing a painting by Ĝivind Sand. The personalized stamp FRAME is NK #PF5 / Scott #1557. I do not have any other listing information about this booklet and it is the only example I have ever seen.
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