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Albums and Supplies: Stamp Mounts - New Old Stock: Split-Back - Black  
As I buy collections, I also buy unopened packages of perfectly good stamp mounts which I am happy to offer at very low prices. However, due to the many questions that get asked about stamp mounts, the unvarying answers, and the very low prices, I must clearly state the "rules" lest I be swamped in inquiries.

I do NOT currently regularly stock new mounts and thus I can only offer what you see here. If it is not listed, I do not have it. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR STAMP MOUNTS THAT ARE NOT LISTED!

These offerings are unopened (to my knowledge) packages, thus they are "new" OR they may be opened packages which I have refilled to the original quantity from other opened packages (i.e. consolidating two packages into one, but all brand-new mounts in perfect condition). However, the original purchasers obtained them at various points in time and the packaging (package style, package color, etc.) can and will vary from one package to another. They may have a variety of old dealer price markings on the packages. Also, over time, some manufacturers have changed the number of mounts in a package. My price list states how many strips/mounts are in the package; when comparing prices, be sure to compare quantities too. Furthermore, the appearance of the same brand of mounts has ALWAYS varied slightly from one batch to another; new mounts bought in 2018 will probably look ever so slightly different from the "same" new mounts bought in 2020. If this concerns you or if you have any questions about this aspect, THEN THESE MOUNTS ARE NOT FOR YOU. I do not wish to be rude or uncaring, but the general rule with this offering is: "If you have questions or concerns, then these mounts are not for you."

As mentioned, these packages are, to my knowledge, unopened or have been (re)filled to the stated quantity. However, some brands/styles of packages have, at various points in time, been a resealable package style. Scott and Prinz, and maybe others, are in this category. I have done my best to count the mounts and I believe the packages to contain the full quantity, but if one has slipped by me, I will give MERCHANDISE CREDIT ONLY for shortage. Likewise, if a sealed package of mounts turns out to have a quality problem, I will give merchandise credit only. These are so cheap that neither you nor I should fuss with the details.

I have heard it said that all modern stamp mounts come out of one or two (or maybe three?) factories, regardless of brand. I do not know the truth of this, but the reality is that, FOR MOST PEOPLE, they all look enough alike to be interchangable. Again, if this is a concern to you, THEN THESE MOUNTS ARE NOT FOR YOU.
MOUNT STYLES - Split-Back vs Full-Back:There are only two types of modern stamp mounts. Split-back mounts (i.e. Showgard, Scott, etc.) are sealed at top and bottom, and have a split down the center of the backside. For some reason which I do not comprehend, this has become the the most common type used by collectors who install their own mounts. However, for people with unsure hands, this style can result in damaging stamps. Even properly when stamps are properly installed in a split-back mount, if the mount is a tiny bit too small/short, the perforations can be blunted. Full-back mounts (i.e. Hawid) are sealed on only one side. Full-back mounts are the most common type used in albums sold with the mounts already installed (except perhaps for very large items such as souvenir sheets). They are the easiest style in which to place the stamps and are the most prefered by stamp dealers when dealers are buying collections. Full-back is what I use in my own collection. Despite a common worry, stamps do not easily fall out of full-back mounts. Full-back mounts are really just the top or bottom half of a large split-back mount. To use a full-back mount, the collector trims as necessary on three sides to acheive the desired size. This means that you only need to keep on hand a few sizes of full-back mounts because you can make any smaller size from any larger piece. (As mentioned, you can cut a larger split-back mount down the split to obtain two pieces of smaller full-back mount.)

MOUNT COLOR: Black or clear, that is the question. Unless you are installing mounts for which you do not yet have the stamps, color is an entirely personal decision. The reason that ALL album manufacturers use clear mounts is because otherwise, the collector could not see through the mount to the picture printed on the page to know what stamp goes in which spot. If you prefer black, use black. If you prefer clear, use clear. If you do not care which you use but you wish to standardize, I will say that more dealers carry a broader range of sizes in black.

MOUNT SIZES: MY SIZE DESCRIPTION MAY BE THE REVERSE OF SOME OTHER SOURCE PRICE LISTS. (I maintain the logic that height is always the most important number; others switch back and forth.) All modern mounts use the same size system. The size number is the MILIMETER HEIGHT OF THE STAMP that will fit in the mount. If the size is "30", then a stamp 30 mm high will comfortably fit in the mount. If there is a second number, such as "50 x 70", I SAY the first number is alway the height and the second number the length. Split-back mounts (i.e. Showgard, Scott, Prinz, etc.) are constrained by the HEIGHT measurement -- you can ALWAYS cut a "50 x 70" down to "50 x 60". However, for a SPLIT-BACK mount, you can NEVER cut the first number -- cutting "50 x 70" down to "40 x 70" would essentially result in useless junk.
QUANTITIES AVAILABLE: Where I have more than one item/quantity available, this is noted near the price. In my current shopping cart system, you can only change the quantity from 1 to more than one when you are actually viewing the shopping cart. (This is on the list of needed cart improvements.) If the item states that 6 are available and you want to order 4, click the BuyIt button and then, at some point, when you wish to look at the shopping cart and/or checkout, you will have the opportunity to change the quantity in the shopping cart: change the quantity and click the "Re-Calculate" button. As previously mentioned, if I do not say I have more, I do not have more; please do not ask. Thanks.

SHIPPING COST: Due to the low prices, variations in weight, and different mailing methods, distances, and destinations, shipping cost is additional for items in the Specials Albums and Supplies listings, including mounts, unless otherwise mentioned. Due to postage and packaging, the minimum shipping and handling cost for mounts, even for just a single pack, is $4.00. The more you order, the more economical the shipping will be. When ordering please include a note in the shopping cart comments section indicating if you prefer faster/costlier or slower/cheaper delivery so that I may more quickly quote the shipping costs and options for you.
I am sorry, all of the items offered on this page have been sold (or the page is still in the process of being created and filled). I will be filling/refilling this page soon, but if there is something you are seeking, please email me to let me know about your interest.
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