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Stamps For Postage: United States: U.S. Stamps for Weddings and Special Occasions  
I have in stock a wide variety of U.S. stamps that are great for use on mailings for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. If you have special needs or know of a particular stamp that you want to use, please let me know -- I have such stamps available that were issued from the 1930s up to the 2010s. (I do not usually have quantities available of stamps that were issued after about 2015.) Such stamps are a great way to convey a special message, such as Love, or to decorate or create conversation pieces and attract attention. Using older stamps is a common practice everywhere in the stamp world and it is absolutely, unquestionably 100% legal and proper. The post office was originally paid the full amount for the postage value of the stamp (and they have had the free use of that money without yet having to provide any service). There is no difference between buying a stamp on Monday and using it on Tuesday vs somebody buying a stamp in 1980 and using it today (as long as you have enough postage on the envelope for the current postage rate).

As a rule, the stamps that I sell for postage use will be virtually all in excellent collectible quality unless otherwise mentioned. The stamps that I have taken the time to offer are priced above their postage value. This is because these particular stamps are in strong demand for this type of use (particularly for wedding invitations) and the supply of them is getting very limited. All the stamps that I offer will have full gum/adhesive unless specifically stated. It is fun to use vintage postage stamps on your mail!
All of the U.S. stamps that I offer for postage use are usable on ANY type of mail to ANY destination, unless otherwise stated in the description. In other words: special, non-denominated, fractional, pre-canceled, service-inscribed, etc., stamps are NOT included unless the description states that the lot does include such. You may order with confidence!
If you are seeking any types of stamps, denominations, different postage rate units, or larger lots, that are not listed, please inquire. I have a large amount of material available and can usually provide whatever you are looking for. (Except high denominations which I use on my own mail.)
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Never HingedNever Hinged
Scott #3275 [1999 55c Victorian Love] This stamp was issued in 1999 for a different postage rate purpose, but it is very useful again now for the current 55 cent 1-ounce letter rate. [Mailers should be aware of the envelope size limitations for normal 1 ounce envelopes at the 55 cent rate; larger size envelopes, sometimes used for wedding invitations, may require more postage than 55 cents. For envelope size information see this page on the post office website or take a sample envelope to your local post office.] The subject matter of this stamp (love, heart, roses, lace) is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and many other types of celebrations. This is a SELF-STICK stamp that is die-cut to an attractive shape, but is supplied as issued with the backing paper around it -- it is extremely easy and quick to peel off the backing paper. Because this is such a great stamp for wedding invitations at the current 55 cent rate, and since it has been around since 1999, the limited remaining supplies of this stamp are being used up very quickly (the post office sold out about 18 years ago). I get quantity requests for this stamp from people willing to pay $1.50 per stamp, but I am often not able to supply it for them. When I have supplies available, I offer this stamp at prices that depend upon the quantity being ordered; the more you order, the lower the price. (Orders under $40 or requiring special shipping or shipping outside the U.S., incur a shipping and handling charge; orders over $40 sent by ordinary first class mail within the U.S. have FREE shipping and handling.) No charge for shipping within U.S. if order total over $40. Smaller orders and outside the U.S. there is an additional cost.
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Up to about 160 stamps are currently available. Price is per one stamp. Order 20 or more stamps at $1.40 each; 50 more stamps at $1.30 each. Discount will be given when order is invoiced (discount is NOT shown in shopping cart).

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