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I do not stock coins or currency; these are just random items that have come along with stamp collections.
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American Mint Collection: Replica Coins and Original Medals: Large collection of American Mint (a private maker) U.S. REPLICA coins and original medals, in proof quality. The replica coins are plated in gold or silver or platinum; they look terrific! Included are many of the classic designs, such as 1849 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle $20 or 1907 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, etc. The medals appear to be original designs of this company, but again appear to be plated. There appear to be about 10 replica coins and 42 original medals (some of what I counted as medals may be replica coins). The previous owner was a politically minded person who liked Donald Trump, so there are a number of medals that are Trump themed; also Liberty, Pres. Reagan, conservative political themes, a couple Princess Diana, etc. There is no question that they are beautiful works of the coin/medal art. They are wonderfully presented in individual holders, which are contained in thick, clear coin/medal large "pages" in a large Lighthouse "Grande Classic G" binder, in a matching slipcase, in like-new condition. The "pages" and binder (about $70) alone are quite costly new. (If the coins and medals were removed, the "pages" could just as easily be used for other objects such as gems, mineral samples, small natural history items, buttons, small collectibles, etc.) The original cost of the replica coins and medals must have been enormous! On the American Mint website, most of these seem to be sold out, but those that show a "regular" price are very costly, though they seem to be available now for special prices. In the after-market, the prices range widely, but the bottom line is that using only the lowest prices I have seen, these would individually total well over $500 and perhaps as much as $1000 (at the lowest price levels). The original prices were multiples of that! This is not my usual area and they were offered to me at a low price by the collector, thus I can offer the collection at an extremely low price. Shipping cost is additional for this item.


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