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This price list will soon be added to the shopping cart system. For the time being, please order by sending an email, letter, or call.

This price list encompasses all of the stamp issues and related items of which I am aware for the 2007 Joint Issue stamps released by Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, United States, and Canada. If you know of something that should be added to this list, please let me know.

Each country issued a souvenir sheet. Denmark and Greenland also issued normal sheet stamps. Canada also issued normal sheet stamps in a small sheet format that is very attractive and which many people will prefer to collect as a mini sheet, but they don't know about it yet.

A joint book was issued; it contains only the souvenir sheet from each country. Quite interesting, with text and pictures, this book has proven to be extremely popular. The U.S., Canada, and some other countries have sold out virtually immediately; if any still have not yet sold out, it is certainly only a matter of a few days. If you just get the book, you will not have a complete collection; you will also need the Denmark, Greenland, and Canada regular sheet stamps. I also highly recommend the Canada mini sheet.

There is a shipping charge for orders within the U.S. below $40.00 and for all orders outside the U.S. There is a shipping charge for the joint book regardless of destination due to special packing requirements.
International Polar Year 2007 Joint Issue Shopping Cart: Review or Check Out   Top 

Pictures at bottom of page.

Joint book containing the s/s
from all 8 countries.            77.50

Denmark Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet                 7.50
   Regular Stamp Set/2            7.50
   Upper Plate Blocks            31.00
   Lower Plate Blocks            31.00

Denmark First Day Covers:
   Souvenir Sheet                10.00
   Sheet stamps set              10.00

Denmark Official Pack:
   Contains set and s/s          18.00

Finland Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet                 4.40

Finland First Day Covers:
   Souvenir Sheet                 6.75

Greenland Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet                 5.60
   Regular Sheet Stamps           5.60
   Upper Plate Blocks            24.50
   Lower Plate Blocks            24.50

Greenland First Day Covers:
   Souvenir Sheet                 9.00
   Sheet stamps                   9.00

Greenland Maximum Cards:
   Official set/2                11.00

Greenland Stamp Cards:
   Official Post Card set/2       5.00

Iceland Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet                 6.00

Iceland First Day Covers:
   Souvenir Sheet   OUT OF STOCK

Norway Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet                 8.25

Norway First Day Covers:
   Souvenir Sheet                11.00

Norway Presentation Packs:
   Souvenir Sheet                11.50

Sweden Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet (w/o number)    6.00

   with numbers...
     Cylinder #1  (SEE NOTE) 
     Cylinder #1 + Serial #       9.00
     Cylinder #2                  9.00
     Cylinder #2 + Serial # (SEE NOTE)
NOTE: These two items must exist in mint, but
I have yet to see mint examples.  

Sweden First Day Covers:
   Souvenir Sheet (w/o number)    9.00

   with numbers...
   (some are scarcer)
     Cylinder #1                 20.00 SCARCER
     Cylinder #1 + Serial #      14.00
     Cylinder #2                 14.00
     Cylinder #2 + Serial #      20.00 SCARCER

Canada Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet                OUT OF STOCK      
   Mini sheet (8 pairs)          OUT OF STOCK     
   Pair (from mini sheet)        OUT OF STOCK     
   Gutter Pair (from mini sheet) OUT OF STOCK     
Canada First Day Covers:
   Pair on official FDC (scarce)  5.00
(I am told that there was no
official FDC for the full souvenir sheet.)

United States Stamps:
   Souvenir Sheet                 3.40

United States FDCs:
   not in stock

Front cover of International Polar Year Book

Denmark souvenir sheet

Denmark Regular Sheet Stamps



Greenland Regular Sheet Stamps


Norway (actual size is larger than the other countries)


United States

Canada souvenir sheet

Canada mini sheet (image reduced; the actual size of stamps in mini sheet is the same as the size of the stamps in the souvenir sheet)

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