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Slania hand printed (on a proof press) and hand perforated the "private labels". For some unknown reason, Slania never seemed to be concerned about either the resulting centering or quality of perforations. After perforating the labels, Slania usually cut them out rather than tearing along the perforations (which would have been difficult with their thick paper). The centering is usually variable. The perforation quality ranges from excellent and neat to badly chopped up -- this is normal.

(Note that the Boxers were printed by a commercial security printing company and thus do NOT have perforation problems.)
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"SISTA FÄSTNINGEN" An etching by artist Maria Hordyj (living in Sweden, originally from Poland), engraved as a label by Slania. The title of the etching, and text at the bottom of the label, translates to some form of "last stand" or "final fortress". The modern art image is of a person on their back, fighting or cutting with a sword. I am told that to each copy of the etching was added an imperforate label printed in pink. Normal examples of the label are perforated and printed in black, though I have heard that red (perforated?) may exist as well. Perforated examples are extremely scarce; I have never viewed one in person. Imperforate or proof examples appear to be extremely scarce; I am only aware of three examples, of which I have only personally seen this one. This is an imperforate or proof (the 8mm margins are large for an imperforate) printed in very dark blackish brown on bright white thick, ungummed paper.
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Any items / editions of this engraving are wanted.

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