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Czeslaw Slania (my pronunciation, with apologizes to Mr. Slania's family, is "CHESS-WAV SWAN-YA") is widely recognized as having been the world's foremost postage stamp engraver. With over 1000 postage stamps to his credit, his output was even more amazing when one considers that this does not include his banknotes, private labels (such as the "Boxers"), art engravings, test stamps, postal savings and revenue stamps, etc. To collect Slania's works is to enter a world of miniature art.

Comprehensive stock available to you: My stock includes Slania's stamps and the entire range of his other work, postal or otherwise. This includes all of his stamps in booklets, or on first day covers and postally used covers, as proofs, and his test stamps, etc. All of this is available to you, on approval, in the convenience of your home. Email for information about approvals.

Complete Slania New Issue Service: Through what I believe is the world's only Slania new issue service, I endeavor to deliver all of Slania's postal issues, as well as other works, at low new issue prices. Email for information about new issues. Since Slania's passing, there are now very few new Slania issues. However, I still have stock of the previous new issues including unusual formats and special items that most people don't know exist. I am happy to send such material on approval.

World's Largest Offering of Slania Books: There have been several books written about the Slania's works; two of the books are works of art themselves. Everything is listed in my literature price on the web. You can also request a printed version of the price list to be sent by postal mailor you can download the list immediately in PDF form (requires Acrobat Reader).
The Stamp
The Souvenir Sheet   Click to see larger image (will open a new window).
Issued in 2000 and contained in a souvenir sheet, the stamp itself is billed as the world's largest postage stamp, at 60 x 81 mm. I consider it to also be one of the most beautiful. Engraved based on a ceiling painting by David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl (1628-1698). Entitled "The Great Deeds of Swedish Kings", the painting was done in 1695 in Sweden's Drottningholm Palace.

Examples are available for $16.00

Condition is NH VF, pristine as issued.

Shipping cost and ordering information.
The First Day Cover
The First Day Cover   Canceled on the first day of issue, this illustrated envelope bears the stamp itself (removed from the souvenir sheet). The cancellation pictures Slania's engraving "burin", the tool he uses to make his art.

Examples are available for $19.80

Condition is VF, pristine as issued.

Shipping cost and ordering information.
The Pack, including the Blackprint
Front Cover of the Pack
The Blackprint   Click to see larger image of blackprint (will open a new window).
This officially issued "souvenir pack", includes the complete souvenir sheet, a first day cover, and the extremely beautiful numbered "blackprint". The blackprint shows only the engraving work and none of the color printing, allowing you to see the extraordinary engraving without the "distraction" of the color. This is the only manner in which the blackprint was issued -- as is true for all previous Slania blackprints, this is likely to become one of the most sought Slania items.

The entire pack contains the NH VF souvenir sheet, the first day cover, and the blackprint. MY SUPPLY IS VERY LIMITED. DO NOT DELAY.

The price is only $75.00. (Plus shipping if applicable; NO shipping charge in the U.S. if sent by normal first class mail).

Condition is VF, pristine as issued.

Shipping cost and ordering information.

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