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Scandinavian Philatelic E-News:  2008 January 31  
This issue of the E-News was emailed and did not have a "graphic" version on the website.
||=-=-=  Scandinavian Philatelic E-News     January 31, 2008  =-=-=||


1. New Items on the Website

2. Slania Album Available - Corrected Web Address

3. News & Notes:
     Our Next Stamp Show
     The Website Grows
     LAPE Finland Specialized Catalog 2008
4. Norgeskatalogen 2008 -- The Norwegian Specialized Catalog

5. Special Offers: Collections & Albums -- Great Buys
      Lots & lots of interesting collections!

6. Used and One-of-a-kind Philatelic Literature

Web Site: https://www.JaySmith.com


1. New Items on the Website

GREENLAND Pakke-Porto / Parcel Post Stamps.  I have added a significant
number of these earliest Greenland stamps. Depending upon their primary
appeal, you can find them on several different pages.

  If you just want the "plain stamps", look at (2 pages):

  If you want to see especially nice examples and/or examples with 
  plate varieties, official reperforation, etc., look at:

  If you just want to see examples with minor faults at low prices, see:

  If you want to see examples with Village Cancels and Avane Cancels:

ICELAND Tollur (Revenue) Cancellations.  I have added quite a few very
nice examples, including some on stamps that are very scarce with Tollur
cancels (such as some of the later issues and airmails).  There are also
some very attractive and scarce blocks.  Take a look at all FOUR pages,
starting at:

SLANIA-ENGRAVED: The Monaco listings have been increased by "only" two
items, but they are important and scarce imperforate souvenir sheets
that few people know exist.  They are Scott #1863 and #1925, both
imperforate, and can be found on this page:


United States: Some interesting U.S. stamps have been added, including a 
stamp autographed by "Farley's Follies" postmaster James A. Farley.

Many British Colonies listings have been added for: Natal, New Hebrides, 
Niger Coast Protectorate, Nigeria, North Borneo, Northern Nigeria, 
Northern Rhodesia, Northwest Pacific Islands, Nyasaland Protectorate, 
and Orange River.  See the Worldwide Table of Contents:

There have been other additions also, so take a look around


2.  Slania Album Available - Corrected Web Address

In the last E-News I supplied the incorrect web address.  Amazingly,
many people tried to go to the page, but nobody reported the problem to
me.  If you ever find a problem on my website, please let me know.

Here is the information again...

We had temporarily run out of the Slania Album, but it is again in
stock.  This album has been quite popular and is a great way to give a
home to your Slania collection or to start a Slania-engraved collection.

For pictures and details, take a look at:

Would you like to get the album for free?  If you are interested in
getting started with Slania's stamps in a big way and are interested in
making a major purchase, ask me how you get the album for free.


3. News & Notes

Our Next Stamp Show:  Due to a dealer selling out, we have been called
upon to take booth at the TARPEX 2008 show in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Come see us!  Details at:  

For the rest of 2008, we will be attending:

Charlotte, North Carolina     TARPEX 2008         February 16-17, 2008
Charlotte, North Carolina     CHARPEX 2008        July 25-27, 2008
Hartford, Connecticut         APS "Summer" Show   August 14-17, 2008
Arlington Heights, Illinois   Chicagopex 2008     November 21-23, 2008

The November Chicagopex show will be the Scandinavian Collectors Club
convention show for 2008.  The location is very close to O'Hare Airport;
if you are going to be coming through Chicago, make plans to come to
this great show.  The Vikings are coming!

You can always find our show schedule, further information, and related
links at:


The Website Grows

The website has been steadily growing and now stands at 1517 pages! 
That is a lot of stamps and hopefully something for everybody.  Though
that now seems like a lot of pages, a year from now it could double.

The next major addition of Scandinavian "regular stamps" will probably
be Finland.  Then, only Norway and Sweden will remain to be put on the
website; with a little luck, I will complete them in 2008.  Until those
countries are on the website, please send along your want lists.  

We are also working on putting U.S. stamps on the website, from about
1930 to current, plus earlier individual items.  In the meantime, please
send along your U.S. want list.

In the next couple months, I hope to make a number of changes to the
website that will: a) fix a few minor bugs that have crept in; b) make
the pages load a lot faster; c) make the page format and font size
display more consistently in different browsers; d) greatly speed up and
improve the shopping process; and e) improve the display of multiple
sizes of images without opening new windows.  If you have experienced
any "annoyances" on my website and/or have any ideas, suggestions, or
wishes, please let me know now -- this is the time that I can best
implement fixes and improvements.

Longer-term planned enhancements are a) a search feature [that actually
produces useful results]; b) shopping cart enhancement that better
remembers who you are; c) "cross links" that show you other related
items based on the item you are currently looking at (i.e. if you are
looking at a mint stamp, you could click a link that will show you the
FDC, the booklet, postally used covers, etc., for that stamp issue
and/or for the larger class of issues of which that stamp is a member).


LAPE Finland Specialized Catalog 2008

We are still waiting to receive this important and extremely useful
catalog from the Finnish publisher, but it should arrive in the next few
days.  This catalog is only published every couple/few years.  I cannot
yet provide exact details of this year's contents, but the following is
a description of a recent previous edition.  The 2008 edition may or may
not have precisely the same contents (but it usually gets bigger &
better with every edition):

760 pages, all in FULL COLOR. Now with some English text (otherwise all
text is Finnish & Swedish).  Includes stamps; booklets; postal
stationery; cover prices; pre-philatelic covers; cancel prices; specimen
stamps article/listing (in English); Vasa article (English); first ever
(?) priced listing of the numbered plate blocks 1901-1916, M-17, M-30,
M-54, M-63, and M-75; M-17 and M-30 articles (English); Karelia, Aunus,
North Ingermanland; Åland; coils; machine stamps (FRAMAs, etc.); Russia
used in Finland; Shipping Company Stamps (priced); Locals; Perfins
(English); Postal Rates; Railway Stamps (priced); Revenues (simplified,
priced); and much more.  

I do not yet have an exact price for the catalog (we can never be sure
of all shipping and customs costs until the books actually arrive),
however, it appears that the price will be right around $82-86.

The first shipment we receive will be smaller, to be followed by further
shipments.  To be sure to get your copy quickly, from the first
shipment, please email to confirm your reservation for the catalog.  The
publisher tells us that supplies of the catalog are starting to run low,
so please do not delay!


4. Norgeskatalogen 2008 -- The Norwegian Specialized Catalog

I know I have already highlighted this catalog, but it really deserves
your attention.  If you collect Norway, you should have this catalog!

The 2008 edition of this wonderful catalog is the 60th edition, quite a
feat in philatelic publishing!  The catalog is published by the Oslo
Philatelic Club (not your usual stamp club!).  With this edition, the
club has taken over production of the catalog themselves (instead of
having a publishing company involved).  If anybody doubts what a club
can produce, they must see this terrific catalog; it sets standards for
how specialized stamp catalogs can and should be published.  (I know I
am "going on" a bit, but it really is terrific!)

The catalog is IN STOCK, but order soon.  I anticipate that this edition
will be a fast sellout!

Norgeskatalogen 2008 
The catalog for Norwegian specialists.  The 2008 (60th) edition is
greatly revised, expanded, and enhanced.  Includes English word list and
English translation of many important sections. FULL COLOR improved once
again! Includes special sections on: forgeries, detailed info on
printings, papers, and varieties of modern issues; coil stamps;
booklets; souvenir cards; show cards; POSTHORN PRINTINGS IDENTIFICATION
inc greatly expanded TYPES id; largest known unit listings; NK blocks;
date blocks; watermark positions; postal rates 1877-2007; pre-stamp
cancels; numeral cancels; 1-ring town cancels; machine stamps; major
article on Official Stamps and postal history. An incredible catalog
that must be seen to be believed.   #1593  $89.00

Order Online:

If you are familiar with the catalog, you will be surprised to see a
slightly larger page size which really improves the usability of the
catalog.  You will also know that there are special articles each year
and some sections are only presented every few years.  This year is very
important because it includes the NUMERAL POSTMARKS and SINGLE-RING
(1855-1890s) POSTMARKS [both the first time since 2004].  The Posthorn
TYPE ID section is new and there are many other great enhancements.

If you are new to this catalog, you need to know that, though much of
the text is in Norwegian, it really is very easy to use.  It is also
wonderful to look at, with fantastic color illustrations.  The numbers
are "NK" numbers; every catalog publisher has their own numbering
system.  The pricing system used in the catalog is a bit unusual; it is
based on a collector-to-collector type of pricing system which is
usually lower than what the stamps really sell for at auction or from
dealers.  The catalog is priced in Norwegian Kroner which is currently
about US$ 0.19 (19 cents) per kroner or about 5.26 kroner to the dollar.
If you want to learn more about your Norwegian collection and Norwegian
philately, you really must get this catalog!


5. Special Offers: Collections & Albums -- Great Buys

I am constantly buying large and small collections and have built up
quite a stock of nice, clean Scandinavian country collections.

I guarantee your satisfaction.  Each item is one of a kind; orders will
be filled in order of receipt.  Payment by MasterCard or Visa suggested,
but I will hold items for 10 days pending receipt of your check or money
order if you prefer. 

More Scandinavian Collections:

#731427  Sweden Collection 1855-1992
About 850 different, mint and used, on Scott Specialty pages. This
includes quite a few medium to better values. Condition is very mixed on
the 19th century issues (including #2, 7, 11 spacefillers, cat $322.50,
which were NOT figured in calculating the selling price). The 20th
century condition is much nicer, mostly F-VF or better. About two-thirds
of the total value is in the 1972-1992 period which is all NH VF and
includes many se-tenant pairs, strips, panes, and blocks. If you need to
fill in this time period, this collection will provide a significant
savings over the individual retail prices!  $195.00
Order Online...

#731429  Sweden Collection 1911-1936
Between Scott #67//263, 139 mostly different used, neatly mounted on
Scott Specialty pages. Includes useful ranges of Lions, Kings Heads,
Post Horns and 1930s commemoratives. With only a couple of exceptions,
condition is sound and F-VF or better with quite a few VF. Scott 2008
retail $215+.  $49.00
Order Online...

#731430  Sweden Collection 1855-1910
Collection of 58 mostly different, mostly used, stamps on Scott
Specialty pages. Numerous better items in typical variable condition
ranging from F-VF to minor faults, plus spacefillers of #2, 3, 5. Scott
2008 retail is over $1385, plus an additional $2545 for the three 1855
spacefillers. Here is an excellent opportunity to fill many spaces on
the first pages of your Sweden collection at a very modest cost! $239.00
Order Online...

#731431  Sweden Collection 1938-1980
Between Scott #264//1584, 826 nearly all different, neatly mounted on
Scott Specialty pages. A few mint but mostly used. Fairly well filled
in, this provides a nice showing of the middle period regular and
commemorative issues. Condition is clean and sound, F-VF or better with
much VF. Scott 2008 retail as $325+. Here is an excellent opportunity to
fill a lot of spaces all at once!  $95.00
Order Online...

#731432  Sweden Back-of-Book Collection
Collection of 84 stamps, mostly different, a few mint but mostly used,
neatly mounted on Scott Specialty pages. Semi-postals include B22-31 and
B32-6, followed by useful range of airmails, postage dues, and
officials. Condition is better than usual, virtually all F-VF or better
with later issues VF. Scott 2008 retail $415+.  $119.00
Order Online...

Used Albums & Binders:

#731439  SAFE "Dual" 3-Volume Denmark 1961-2005 Album Set
Pristine, like-new, complete set of Danish album pages from 1961-2005.
This is how the manufacturer packages the pages (their price list also
lists 1851-1944 and 1945-1960 page sets). Also includes the complete
booklet pane "SP" page set 1994-2002 and the complete Se-tenants page
set 1924-1990. These album pages are the "dual" style with both paper
pages and clear plastic overlay pages, allowing you to mount used stamps
on the paper pages and mint stamps in the clear plastic pages (thus you
never have to spend any money or time on mounts!). The total retail
value of these page sets is about $360!!! The pages are housed in three
(3) handsome, matching, high-quality dark blue SAFE "Morocco" 14-ring
binders that also appear to be like-new! The binders have a total retail
value of about $140, for a grand total new retail value of over $500!!!
(These are January 2007 values and are likely higher now.) You can
easily obtain the earlier and/or later pages from the U.S. office of the
manufacturer if you wish (I can give you the contact info) and can
easily obtain future supplements from them. These are top-of-the-line
albums and if they have ever been used, I cannot see any sign of it. A
terrific deal!  $185.00
Order Online...

#731438  Scott 2-Post 1.5-Inch Specialty Binder and Slipcase
1.5-inch, 3-ring Scott Specialty binder without specific labeling or
stamping -- will work perfectly for any country. With matching slipcase
and sheet lifters. Appears to be brand new. This size binder is hard to
find at less than full retail (which is $66!!).  $39.00
Order Online...

U.S. Individual Stamps: Great Items at Great Prices!

Worldwide Individual Stamps: Great Items at Great Prices!

More U.S. and World (Non-Scandinavian) Collections:

#731428  United States Collection 1851-1970s
Well over 900 different in 1952 Scott American album. A few mint but
mostly used. This includes a useful range of regular issues and
commemoratives, plus some airmails, revenues, and other back-of-book
issues. Condition is overall better than usual, nearly all sound, much
F-VF or better with later issues mostly VF. Quite suitable as the basis
for a new collection or to enhance and expand a small collection. $79.00
Order Online...

#731433  Gambia Collection 1880-1990
Collection of 112 different, mint and used, mounted on pages. Most of
the value is prior to 1970 and includes some mint sets from the 1937-69
period. Condition is virtually all F-VF or better with much VF. Scott
2008 retail is over $100.  $29.00
Order Online...

#731434  Gold Coast Collection 1884-1954
Collection of about 85 different (plus a couple of blocks), mint and
used, on various pages (mostly Scott Specialty pages). All reigns
represented. Condition is overall F-VF or better with only a couple of
minor condition problems and most of the later issues VF. Scott 2008
retail is over $175.  $49.00
Order Online...

#731435  Mauritius Collection 1863-1992
Collection of about 270 different, mint and used, on various album pages
(including Scott Specialty pages for 1847-1967). All reigns represented
including a useful range of Queen Victoria heads and the Coat of Arms
issues. We note only a couple of minor faults, condition overall is F-VF
or better with the recent issues mostly VF. Also included is a set of
Scott Specialty pages for the British Madagascar Consular Mail stamps!
Scott 2008 retail is $425 (plus a couple not counted including a lovely
reproduction of #1).  $129.00
Order Online...

#731436  Nigeria Collection 1893-1992
Collection of about 230 different, plus a few blocks, mint and used, on
various album pages including some Scott Specialty pages. Besides
Nigeria proper, this includes some Niger Coast Protectorate, Northern
Nigeria, and Lagos. All periods represented. With a couple of minor
exceptions, condition is nearly all F-VF or better with later issues
mostly VF. Scott retail value is $198 for Nigeria proper (2007) plus $81
for the related areas (2008) for a total of at least $279!  $79.00
Order Online...

#731437  Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland Collection 1908-1964
Collection of 133 different (56 Northern Rhodesia, 77 Nyasaland) plus a
few blocks of 4, mint and used, on Scott Specialty pages. All 4 reigns
represented. Condition nearly all F-VF or better with later issues VF.
Scott 2008 retail is over $120 (plus a Nyasaland #33 ($10.00) with
faults not counted).  $39.00
Order Online...


6. Used and One-of-a-kind Philatelic Literature

Most of these books are one-of-a-kind, thus be sure to order early. This
is just a tiny glimpse of the used books available; I welcome your want
list. "New" books will be in brand-new condition. "Used" books will be
USED, though in attractive and serviceable condition; these books may
contain minor owner's marks and have typical wear, but any significant
defects will be noted in the description. 

Take a look at:



Scandinavian Price Lists

Scandinavian Philatelic Literature

Used & One-of-a-kind Scandinavian & World Philatelic Literature

Scandinavian Collections:

Used Albums & Binders:

U.S. Individual Stamps: Great Items at Great Prices!

World Individual Stamps: Great Items at Great Prices!

U.S. and World (Non-Scandinavian) Collections:

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We are U.S. Distributor
The KEY reference!
In Stock
Order Now!
Falkland Catalog
The primary reference for all aspects of Falkland philately, including postal history and postmarks.
$49.00 Postpaid
in U.S. by Media Mail


Official Blackprint
1856/1862 Local Stamp
Very Limited Supply!
Order Now!
Sweden Blackprint
Official blackprint/reprint made in 1930 to aid in study of the printing plate. Ungummed on thick card, as issued. Seldom offered.
Single $12.00
Pair $22.00
Block $40.00

Other reprints also available.


Rare ICELAND 1911
World Classic Seal Design
Very Limited Supply!
Order Now!
Caritas seal
Seldom offered and rarely at such a low price! A once-in-a-lifetime purchase allows me to share the savings with you.
NH VF normally $60.00!
NH VF Only $36.00!

(A few others $18-$48.
1904 and 1905 also available.)


From World War II
Only a few available!
Order Now!
Postal Currency
Only $16.00!

Limited Supply!
Order Now!
Ladybug Coil Error
Unplanned Vertical Coil "Error" Stamp.

Updated 6 October 2022

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