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ASTRONAUT Leroy G. "Gordon" Cooper autographed cover: 1963 4 cent Project Mercury x2 on 8-cent airmail rate cover used May 15 1963 with CAPE CANAVERAL machine cancellation, to Hawaii. Very neat and clear "Gordon Cooper" autograph on left side of cover. The date of the cover is significant, during the first day of his Faith 7 flight; Cooper obviously signed it after that date. Cooper was one of the original Mercury Project astronauts. He piloted the Faith 7 spacecraft, the last Project Mercury flight, on a 22-orbit mission (May 15-16, 1963), becoming the first American in space more than one day (34 hours, 19 minutes). In 1965, Cooper and Charles Conrad flew on Gemini 5, making the longest human flight in space (120 orbits in 190 hours) up to that time. Cooper autographs are offered in various forms, seemingly ranging from $40 to $200, though signed covers are more unusual than the typical plain items typically seen.
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U.S. Space Covers 1965-1973 Collection (Gemini, Apollo, Skylab): Attractive selection of 28 different cacheted, unaddressed, early-mid space program covers including 1965-1966 Gemini program (8 covers); Apollo 4 thru 17, 1967-1972 (15 covers); and Skylab 1973 (5 covers). All pristine, fresh, and VF. Shipping cost is additional for this item.


U.S. Challenger Space Shuttle Flight 1983 Cover in Folder: 1983 Cacheted unaddressed cover franked by Scott #1909, the $9.35 Eagle, carried on the Eighth Flight of the Challenger Space Shuttle for 81 orbits of the Earth, August 30 - September 5, 1983. In the original souvenir folder showing spectacular photos of Challenger and an infrared image of the heating pattern of the wing during re-entry! A vital piece of Space topic postal history! These sold for $50-75 before the Challenger disaster, but this is not my specialty, thus I can offer at a low price. The pristine folder and cover. (If you wish to have in an original mailing envelope that was sent to an original purchaser, it may be available at the same price; just ask.) Shipping cost is additional for this item.
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