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Scandinavian Philatelic Resources  
Behind The Scenes Articles  
Behind the Scenes Table of Contents

A selection of blog-type articles, by Jay Smith, of information, commentary, and rants from our emailed E-News Philatelic Newsletter.
Reference Articles  
Reference Articles Table of Contents

   Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Ultraviolet Light and Scandinavian Philately
What are fluorescent and phosphorescent stamps? How do they relate to Scandinavian philately? Which type of UV light do I use to see them? What are the safety issues?

   Hidden in Plain View: Stamp Position Codes
"The language of stamps" or the meaning of stamp positions on letters and post cards.

   International 1902-1907 Postage Due Post Cards with Divided Backs
Why some seemingly correctly franked post cards have postage due charges.

   Identifying Danish Inverted and Normal Bicolor Frames
Illustrated and clearly described. If you have puzzled about these, take a look.

   Denmark, Iceland, and DWI: Normal and Mirror Image Crosses Watermarks
Identification and description.

   Identifying Danish Postfærge Fakes & Forgeries
An illustrated discussion and explanation of the forgeries of the Danish "postal ferry" stamps, including an overview of the genuine overprints, stamps, cancellations, and usages. Also illustrates examples of genuine stamps with inappropriate cancellations. This page has a large number of illustrations and may be time consuming over a slow modem connection. Please be patient.

   Frederik IX 1948-1960 FDC Exhibit
An excellent example of what can be done with an FDC exhibit as well as a comprehensive study of the cachets, postmarks, and uses of FDCs of this issue.

   Greenland FGB Mindeark (Souvenir Cards)
Detailed information about the issues and illustrations of collateral material.

   Greenland Tax Stamps, Handstamps, and Rates
The variations of the one type Greenlandic tax stamp, along with reproductions of original documents.

   Karelia: 1922 Forgeries and Genuine Stamps
Describes and pictures the forgeries and genuine stamps.

   1892-1900 Bicolored Numerals -- Normal and Inverted Frames
Identifying and discussing the two types with illustration.

   Plate Varieties on Perforation 12.75 Numeral Issues
Expands on and adds specifics for the plate variety listings in the AFA Iceland Specialized Catalog 1997.

   Denmark, Iceland, and DWI: Normal and Mirror Image Crosses Watermarks
Identification and description.

   Iceland 1930 Parliament Issue 5 Aur Plate Varieties
Two major "new" plate varieties identified.

   Iceland Orlof Overprints in 1943-44 Savings Book
Pictures all the pages of the book, including laws and regulations.

   Sewing Machine Canceled Stamps (Revenue Use)
1907-1921 stamps canceled with needle holes; precursors to the Tollur cancellations.

   Identifying the 1867 "8 SKILL 8" Rose Clean Print Stamp
Demystify one of the most often misidentified classic Norwegian stamps.

   Norway Postal Stationery Watermark Identification
Illustrates the eight watermark positions.

   Perplexing Swedish Perforations: Sweden Perforation Types & Formats
Coils, Booklet stamps, perforations on this side and that. Which is which and where did they come from? Who collects what and why?

   International 1902-1907 Postage Due Post Cards with Divided Backs
Why some seemingly correctly franked post cards have postage due charges.

   Slania Boxer Label Forgeries
See examples of this unusual forgeries, as well as the genuine labels.

Suggestions Wanted: Please let me have your ideas for other article topics. Published authors are most welcome to submit their already-published articles for inclusion (we will handle getting all the proper permissions).
What Is It?
Scandinavian Philatelic Questions & Answers
What Is It? Table of Contents

You ask Scandinavian philatelic questions and get answers from me and/or your fellow collectors. For details, see.....
A Scandinavian links page is just beginning.
A discussion forum is planned for the future.


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