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Norway Postal Stationery Watermark Identification
by Jay Smith & Associates

Most Norwegian postal stationery from approximately 1936 to 1964 bears a large "POST" watermark. The watermark can theoretically appear in up to eight positions on any given item, however in some cases, the OFK catalog has given a different catalog sub-number to horizontal vs vertical varieties. It is quite certain that not all eight (or even all four in the case of horizontal vs vertical) postions exist for every item. It is equally certain that there are significant differences in scarcity for the different positions. To my knowledge these differences have never been systematically surveyed and recorded and nobody has attempted to indicate rarity or pricing of the differences.

Unlike stamp watermarks, I define postal stationery watermark as they appear when viewed from the front of the item.

The following illustrates the eight possible positions, as viewed from the front of the item.

The illustration can also be downloaded as higher quality printable Adobe Acrobat PDF file here. (The best method is to right click the link and select the option for "save target as" or "save link as". Doing this will save the file on your hard disk. You can then open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
Norway Postal Stationery Watermark Positions

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