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A selection of especially attractive and interesting seldom-offered items. All are available for approval viewing. Scott numbers have been used unless otherwise mentioned.
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12a [1873 14 cent Bicolor, INVERTED FRAME] Mint with F-VF+ centering. The gum appears to be original, but the gum has been disturbed (typical for this stamp) and has a moderate hinge remnant. There is a very slight amount of aging on a couple of the perf tips, but generally the appearance and color are much nicer and stronger than usual. This stamp (and the normal frame version as well) almost always has at least a couple blunted perfs; in this case the two right corner perfs are rounded, but all the other perfs are excellent. (The paper of this issue is always extremely thin and fragile, thus perforation problems or much more severe damage is quite common). Approximately 1000 sheets (100,000 stamps, of which only 2,000 were inverted frames) were printed, but 90,158 stamps were destroyed by the post office in 1883, thus the net quantity that could have existed of the normal frame stamps is approximately 9,645 and ONLY ABOUT 197 OF THE INVERTED FRAME STAMP COULD HAVE EXISTED. Of that quantity, many were lost or destroyed over time, especially due to the very thin paper and the fact that these were used either on overseas mail or on internal postal accounting documents (which were mostly destroyed). Additionally, keep in mind that the existence of inverted frame stamps was not discovered until decades later, thus nobody knew to save the rare inverted frame examples back then. The remaining number of inverted frame examples is extremely small -- I would guess less than 50 and perhaps even fewer than 30! The centering of this issue is usually terrible. This example has rare unusually nice centering with unusually strong color. While the rounded corner perforations are a negative factor, the nice centering and strong color greatly compensate for the perforations. The 2020 Facit value is SEK 30,000 [about $3,600 1/2020] but that is for the usual centering which is usually only Average or maybe Fine. This is one of those stamp issues that should be acquired whenever it is offered, without hesitation and with tolerance of the realities of the quality of available examples. The rarest regularly issued stamp of the Danish West Indies. Accompanied by Jay Smith color certificate with "lifetime guarantee".
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23 [1902 "2 CENTS 1902" Surcharge with small letters, Perf 14 x 13.5, Inverted Frame] Mint VF, with excellent (original) gum and only moderate hinging. Wonderful centering for this stamp and perfect perforations. Great color and freshness. It is believed that only four sheets were printed with this perforation. This is the most often requested "rarity" of DWI. No doubt the price of this example is "strong", however, the quality is outstanding. I am only able to offer an example of this stamp every few years and this is certainly among the very nicest examples I have ever had! Accompanied by Jay Smith color certificate with "lifetime guarantee".
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