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I have an extensive stock of all types and eras of Danish booklets, but they are not yet listed here. Please send your want list or let me know of your interests. The most recent specialized cataloging of Danish booklets is the 1994 catalog by Boom (used copies occasionally available; please inquire). The AFA Specialized Catalog is the next most specialized listing, followed by the annual AFA catalog, and finally the Facit Catalog. I am able to fill want lists using the numbers of any of these catalogs. All booklets are NH, VF, complete and fresh.
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The 1935 H.C. Andersen booklets are listed as Boom #3.11-3.16 (with variations), Facit #H9, and AFA #2kr-2. All booklets contain three 5 Ýre panes, two 10 Ýre panes, and one 15 Ýre pane: Scott #246b, 248b, and 249b. This booklet issue had many possible variations: five different back covers, three different "coupon" (a special interleaf) colors/separations; FIVE DIFFERENT HCA STORIES ON THE INTERLEAVES, and a special version with a simulated leather cover. According to Boom, up to 76 possible combinations of these may exist. As a result any particular combination is actually quite scarce. The possible back covers all advertise candy, chocolate, and confection products of the Galle and Jessen company: Gul Brud, Ga-Jol, Success chocolate, Lita Vert, Marcipan. The possible interleaf stories are: Den lille pige med svovlstikkerne (The Little Match Girl), Engelen (The Angel), Det er ganske vist! (Its Quite True), Flipperne (The Shirt Collar), Sommerfuglen (The Butterfly). If you are seeking any particular version, back cover, or story, please let me know.
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Never HingedNever Hinged
Boom #3.12cf, Facit #H9, AFA #2kr-2 [1935 H.C. Andersen] NH VF complete booklet in wonderful, fresh quality. This example features: "Den lille pige med svovlstikkerne" (The Little Match Girl) story on the interleaves; "Succes" chocolate advertising back cover; and the yellow rouletted coupon. The 2015 AFA value for the booklet is DKK 3500 = US$525 [6/15]. The booklets of this issue are often "well handled" but this example is pristine!
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