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The Greenland Post Office has issued a range of packs, souvenir folders, and books (some containing stamps or for specific stamp issues) over the years. This listing is not yet complete; most not-yet-listed items are in stock and are available on approval.
These books were officially issued by the post office and were only available through the post office. Some of them, as described, do contain stamps as originally issued. The issue quantities for such books tends to be remarkably small and it often takes many years for collectors to become aware that the books were issued -- by then they are usually sold out from the post office and I am not aware of any other dealer that attempts to stock them.

Book shipping rates apply to these items.
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100th Anniversary of Parcel Post Stamps in Greenland: (Flemming Petersen, 2005) A handsome, officially sponsored book detailing the development, design, production, and use of the Pakke-Porto stamps, affectionately termed the Polar Bears. Hardbound, 64 pages, and packed with wonderful color illustrations, many of which have not been seen before. Text fully in Danish, German, and ENGLISH. INCLUDES ALL THREE STAMPS AND THE SOUVENIR SHEET commemorating the Pakke-Porto issues (the three stamps and s/s alone sell for $129.50)! A wonderful, important, and beautifully produced book! Now very difficult to obtain. [O/S #16030] Shipping cost is additional for this item.
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Needed, with or without the stamps. Please make offer.

Ships in Greenlandic Waters Over 1000 Years: Set of Two Volumes: (Ventegodt, Greenland Post Office, 2003) Officially issued by the post office set of two books detailing and illustrating the history of navigation in Greenlandic waters. Each volume hardbound, each 64 pages, and each completely IN ENGLISH. Fascinating and informative text, and accented with relevant stamp illustrations. Includes all 16 stamps issued for this subject in 2002-2005. Original post office issue cost was approximately $68! Wonderful books for Greenland philatelists and Nordic and Arctic and/or ship history buffs. These should be (but are not) in most major public libraries. [O/S #16031] Shipping cost is additional for this item.
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Stamps Tell the Story of Greenland: (Lindegaard, 2000) A magnificent English-language book melding wonderful images of Greenlandic stamps with beautiful photographs of Greenland and Greenlandic life, fauna, and flora. The accompanying text weaves together the story of all aspects of Greenland life, history, geography, etc. If you collect Greenland, you will want this outstanding book. [O/S #16028] Shipping cost is additional for this item.
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