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Please also see listings of post cards in the various Covers sections, including the Expedition Covers sections. All items are available for approval viewing. Many other examples and many other types of picture post cards (of all the Scandinavian countries) are also available; this is just a small sample of my stock. Please inquire.
The KGH (Den Kongelige Grønlandske Handel; The Royal Greenland Trading Company) was the main entity operating postal and governmental activity in Greenland prior to postal and independence and home rule. KGH was the post office. Over the years, KGH issued one or more series of picture post cards for tourist and local use. On the address side, all such cards bear KGH text and/or the KGH polar bear logo. The cards were produced for KGH by various picture post card printers; it is quite possible that the same picture card may have been produced by more than one printer in different eras. I know of no catalog listing for these cards. Many (most?), but probably not all, of the cards have a KGH card number printed on the address side of the card; where present, I have noted it. These cards were officially issued by the same entity that operated by the post office, thus they have a close postal connection. These cards are inexpensive, but it is very difficult to find specific cards if you are looking for them.
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KGH 156 [Godthåb Hall, showing Danish flag] maker Polar Card, copyright 1973. Mint VF.
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KGH 197 [Old KGH buildings at Frederikshåb] maker Polar Card, copyright 1980. Used VF with Greenlandic special stamp show cancel for Nordia 84 in Reykjavik, Iceland.
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