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North Ingermanland: Covers: 1920 Issues  
Scott numbers have been used unless otherwise indicated. All items are available for viewing on approval.
Only the second North Ingermanland issue (pictorial designs) has been heavily forged. (Credible forgeries of the first issue have not been reported.) The genuine stamps are usually easily identifiable. I only sell North Ingermanland stamps and covers that have been properly examined. I do not consider it necessary that collectors incur the cost of certificates for these issues, if they are purchased from a knowledgable specialist. However, in my experience, a large proportion of the 1922 Issue stamps offered by non-specialists or through general auctions and especially Internet auctions, are not genuine. Caution is advised.
I am sorry, all of the items offered on this page have been sold (or the page is still in the process of being created and filled). I will be filling/refilling this page soon, but if there is something you are seeking, please email me to let me know about your interest.
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