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As I buy collections, I sometimes end up with unused supplies in good condition. Here are a few samples of items currently available. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Due to the low prices, variations in weight, and different mailing methods, distances, and destinations, shipping cost is additional for items in the Specials Albums and Supplies listings unless otherwise mentioned. When ordering please include a note in the shopping cart comments section indicating if you prefer faster/costlier or slower/cheaper delivery so that I may more quickly quote the shipping costs and options for you.

Each item is one of a kind; orders will be filled in order of receipt. Payment by MasterCard or Visa suggested, but I will hold items for 10 days pending receipt of check if you prefer.
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Wonder Colour Gauge, With Index and Original Package: A classic printed gauge / guide distributed by the Meghrig company back in the 1950s or early 1960s. Complete set of five cards, plus an index card, intended to represent the range of about 120 typical stamp colors (i.e. it includes colors like "lake"). Still in the original package! Please remember that printed (instead of ink chip) color guides are the combination of one editors opinion and perception of color combined with the quality of the printing process used to make the guide. Furthermore, the names of colors differ from one catalog to another and the perception of actual stamp colors differs from one person to another. This kind of guide can be useful, but nothing replaces comparing to confirmed examples of actual stamps. This is also a great and attractive item from the "history of philately" -- which is a lot of fun to collect itself. Quite scarce in such nice, brand-new condition.


SAFE Signoscope Watermark Detector: One of the best-known and often-recommended watermark detectors on the market! The Signoscope from the SAFE album company (SAFE brand product number 9886), is a German-made electric device. I believe that it was introduced in the 1980s -- this example seems to be from the mid- to late-1980s. From new sales information: "Safe electronic watermark detectors use light and pressure to detect watermarks. The stamp needs to be clean and free of stamp hinge remains, place stamp into the holder insert into the device apply pressure and switch on the light to reveal the watermark. The light source can be dimmed or brightened by use of the dimmer switch on the device." This appears to be the "professional" model with the dimmer switch on the light source. The new list-retail price is about $550, however one can find them offered (new) in the $250-350 range (but some of the lower prices may require shipping from Europe, consuming much of the savings; also be sure that you are getting the professional model). This example is in extremely gently used condition and includes the original packaging and original box, the original instructions, dust cover, has a NORTH AMERICAN POWER SUPPLY (this is a multi-function power supply; be sure the switch is set to 7.5 volts). I HAVE POWERED UP THE UNIT AND IT DOES LIGHT UP, ETC. If the light source ever burns out, replacement appears to be generic, but can also still be ordered from www.safepub.com. This unit also has the ability to operate on batteries (5 x 1.5 volt AA), NOT included. Detecting watermarks on the stamps of different countries often requires different techniques. I have heard it said that the Signoscope is especially useful on surface-printed stamps, Great Britain and British Colony stamps, German stamps, etc., and is sometimes the last resort for stamps with very hard-to-see watermarks. This type of pressure and oblique lighting device can also sometimes point out certain types of stamp repairs. Any watermark detection method is an art and takes some time and patience to learn. This is an extremely valuable tool for those times when other methods are not working for you.


Plate Block / Souvenir Sheet / Block Mini Albums (Files): Group of two types of mini albums to hold or organize items such as plate blocks, other types of blocks, small souvenir sheets, etc. 1) "White Ace mint stamp files": 8 "files" with light-blue cover and glassine "pages"; each holds 20 items, or 40 if back to back, up to size of 95 x 160 mm. There is a label affixed to the front of each, but otherwise fresh. 2) Unbranded "Mint Block Files": Total of 7 "files" with three different colors of leatherette covers; each holds 16 items back to back -- there is a built-in glassine safety divider -- up to size of 90 x 130 mm. Very handy. One of the best uses I have seen for these is for use at stamp club meetings or stamp shows to safely transport mid-size items. All offered as a single lot for only $1.25 each!


Price is for the LOT of 4+ packs.

Dealer Sales Pages LOT -- Full-Page (8.5 x 11 inch) -- NEW: A 0.6-inch stack of 8.5 x 11 inch 3-ring-punched white dealer sales pages with a single pocket for containing items up to about 6.5 x 6.75 inches in size. All G and K style 05 -- a very common style/type used for souvenir sheets in dealer sales books. These are NEW and modern/recent, left over from a recently retired dealer. If I had to guess, I would say that there are at least 100 pages. Subway (owner of the G and K brand) sells these regularly for about $0.25 per page, but at the moment has them on sale at about $0.15 per page (total around $15+).


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