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These gently used books and catalogs are a great way to build your philatelic knowledge and library. All items are used and in at least "good" condition unless otherwise mentioned. I am constantly purchasing philatelic libraries, thus if there is anything you are seeking, please let me know. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Due to the low prices, variations in weight, and different mailing methods, distances, and destinations, shipping cost is additional for items in the Specials Literature listings unless otherwise mentioned. When ordering please include a note in the shopping cart comments section indicating if you prefer faster/costlier or slower/cheaper delivery so that I may more quickly quote the shipping costs and options for you.

Each item is usually one of a kind; orders will be filled in order of receipt. Payment by MasterCard or Visa suggested, but I will hold items for 10 days pending receipt of check if you prefer.

Illustrations of books in the Specials section may show representative images and not the exact item. If you hover your mouse pointer over a picture, you should see a small message box stating if the image is representative or of the exact item.
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2005 Scott Catalog Volumes 1 and 3-6 Partial Set: Very gently used partial set consisting of Volumes 1 (U.S. and A-B countries) and 3-6 (G-Z countries). The missing volume was not in the estate that I purchased. The pages and bindings are near-new, but the previous owner proactively carefully and neatly reinforced the bindings with filament tape; it is still perfectly good and not sticky or any other such problems). While dated, missing C-F countries, and in the pre-color era, still very useful for anybody who collects the world without the latest issues and/or who wants to cut out certain countries for convenience. Only for shipping within the U.S. and even then the Media Mail shipping and handling cost will be around $16. Considering that new volumes cost about $100 each, this is a great deal for the right person.


Only shipped within the U.S.

2001 Scott Catalog U.S. Specialized: Very gently used (near-new) condition. U.S. including covers, revenues, stationery, possessions, UN, etc., etc.


Only shipped within the U.S.

1992 Scott Catalog Volume 2 (A-F countries): Gently used. Appears to be in excellent condition with all pages present, but cannot make any guarantees.


1955 Scott Catalog Volume 1 (U.S. plus Great Britain, British Commonwealth, and the Americas): Very interesting collectible catalog. At this time, Volume 1 conveniently held the U.S. and the rest of North and South America, plus Great Britain and the rest of the British Commonwealth. Gently used in excellent condition. The spine is strong and pages are well-bound. It is great fun to compare the listings of today to those of 60+ years ago.


1925 Scott Catalog: Very interesting collectible catalog. At this time the catalog numbering was organized differently; the editors had not thought ahead. The "regular" stamps had regular numbers (without prefixes) up to a certain point. Then the back-of-book numbers simply jumped a bit. For example, in this edition, Sweden ran through #203; then the city post stamps were #401-2, followed by semi-postals at #411-443, airmails 501-8, etc. Obviously the numbering system was soon over-run! I am fascinated by comparing the listings and values of today to those of 94 years ago. Used in typical worn quality, but with some damaged/missing pages in the U.S. section; the rest of the pages appear to be excellent. Added library binding.


1905 Scott Catalog: A fascinating glimpse into an earlier era. Did you know that U.S. stamps were all numbered with digits? For example, U.S. regular stamps ran to #319 and then Official stamps started at #500 -- that is not much of a gap. Within a few years later they had to set the Officials starting at #1500, but that system did not last. The editors were certainly not thinking ahead to a day when there would be thousands of regular types of U.S. stamps. Denmark #1 was only $22... for MINT! I will be happy to buy a dozen. The binding is sturdy; the outer covers are slightly soiled as usual, but not bad. Some page edges have some staining, but the main page bodies are all fine.


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