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Scott #771, March 15, 1935 16c Dark Blue IMPERFORATE Farley Air Special Delivery first day cover. VF. Block of 4. (Scott 2013 $18.75.)
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1282 [1965 4 cent Lincoln] along with Scott #1113 [1 cent Lincoln] on very attractive FD-canceled "souvenir card". I have not seen this before. Wonderful Lincoln thematic item.
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1283 [1966 5 cent Washington] on very attractive FD-canceled Purple Heart "souvenir card". I have not seen this before. Wonderful Washington thematic item.
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Scott #1355, September 11, 1968 6c Walt Disney Art Craft cacheted, unaddressed first day cover, VF (Scott 2014 $25).
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U.S. Collins Hand Painted FDCs - Rare and Valuable Huge Collection 1978-1997: Enormous collection of fabulous HAND PAINTED first day covers, created by the master of the art, Fred Collins. Mr. Collins started producing hand painted FDCs in 1978, 38 years ago. At first the designs were fairly traditional and conservative, but eventually his art developed into incredible, stunning all-over designs. Amassing approximately 1130 DIFFERENT covers, in 8 volumes, this collector apparently started subscribing directly to Collins covers sometime in the 1980s, but he also worked backwards to 1978 obtaining covers from any source that he could. The early covers are extremely scarce, some he paid over $100 for; one very early cover he paid $475 for! Even the covers which he bought as a subscriber for $5-8 now often sell for $10-20. While Collins himself still sells new and older covers (apparently he must buy collections such as this, however, he does not have very many), they now sell for a few or several dollars each more than the original subscriber price. This collection contains several times as many covers as Collins himself offers for sale (for the 1978-1997 time period)! Some of the covers were only available to subscribers and now are extremely difficult to find. There is a wide variety of single issues, dual cancellation issues, combination issues, etc. The range of artwork is incredible. There are 16 covers from 1978 and 26 from 1979; from that point into 1997 the collection is virtually complete. This is absolutely NOT a "seen one, you have seen them all" type of collection. While I am always hesitant to call a collection "the largest" or anything like that, this certainly must be among the largest Collins 1978-1997 collections -- and likely the only one to be offered intact -- in a long time. I have been very tempted to offer the covers individually, but I just do not have the time or staff right now to individually describe and scan the 1130 covers. My limited time is to your benefit. According to the purchase records made by the collector, he spent approximately $12,260 for these approximately 1130 covers. You might be thinking that is absurd, but these are works of art produced in very limited quantities. And it is only an average of under $11 per cover including many extremely scarce covers. The vast majority he purchased at "issue price"; they usually now actually sell for quite a bit more now. Furthermore, from my research, it seems that perhaps the majority of these covers are not available at all from any of the usual sources -- some only come along every few years. This collection is priced to be an incredible deal for a collector and should certainly make a substantial profit for a dealer or an eBay seller who has time to offer the covers individually. Shipping cost is additional for this item.


United States Airmail First Day Covers 1947-1961: Between Scott #C33//C62, eighteen different cacheted airmail first day covers from 1947-1961, addressed (some in light pencil), VF. Cachets include Art Craft, Artmaster, and one Lowry. Includes #C51a and C60a booklet panes. Scott 2016 retail totals $47.00 Very nice group. Shipping cost is additional for this item.


Scott #CE1, August 30, 1394 16c Dark Blue Airmail Special Delivery tied to Nickles first day cover from Chicago (August 30) and also backstamped Washington (August 31, which was the first day of use in D.C.), VF (Scott 2014 $25+).
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