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Collections: Scandinavia: Faroe  
I am constantly buying large and small collections and have built up quite a stock of nice, clean Scandinavian country collections. If you are considering getting into a new area and would like a "starter collection" (whether small or large), let me know about your interest. Also, if you are seeking used binders or used empty albums to match what you currently have, again, let me know. Here are a few samples of collections. The listings below are included by happenstance. If you are seeking a particular country or type of material, please let me know. Payment plans are available. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Due to the low prices, variations in weight, and different mailing methods, distances, and destinations, shipping cost varies and is additional for items in the Specials Collections listings unless otherwise mentioned. When ordering please include a note in the shopping cart comments section indicating if you prefer faster/costlier or slower/cheaper delivery so that I may more quickly quote the shipping costs and options for you.

Collections and lots are not normally sent on approval. If you have questions about an item, please inquire before ordering. Special return and refund limitations typically apply to such items. Please see the "Order Info" page for details.

Each item is one of a kind; orders will be filled in order of receipt. Payment by MasterCard or Visa suggested, but I will hold items for 10 days pending receipt of check if you prefer.
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Faroe NH VF Complete Collection 1975-1991 in White Ace Album: Great, complete NH VF collection of the early years of Independent Faroe stamps. In mounts (some clear, some black) on White Ace pages in Faroe White Ace Binder, with White Ace slipcase. The spine of the binder is marred (but otherwise the binder is quite serviceable), thus neither the binder or slipcase are counted in the value. The stamps are complete 1975-1991, but the pages run through 1994. JSA retail of the stamps, souvenir sheets, and booklets totals $360 -- there is a lot of value here! A terrific opportunity to get started with Faroe at a very reasonable price!


Faroe Islands NH Collection 1975-97: Between 7//329, collection of 211 different stamps plus 5 booklets, 1975-97, in clear mounts on pages. All complete sets. Nearly complete from 1975 to 1988 plus many later, OG, NH, VF. Jay Smith retail if purchased individually totals $402.50. Here is an opportunity to acquire a sizable proportion of this popular and attractive collecting area at a significant savings!


Faroe Islands Collection 1975-2002: Faroe Scott #7-426, Collection of 411 different mint plus 30 booklets, COMPLETE for the period from 1975 through 2002. Neatly mounted on Scott Specialty pages (regular printed pages to 1985; 1986-2002 written up on same-style quadrille pages). Number 7-41 are lightly hinged, 42-426 are NH, and condition is uniformly VF. Jay Smith retail totals $1378.50 (hinged section is only $29.80; NH totals $905.20 and the booklets another $443.50). This collection affords you an opportunity to obtain 28 years of this attractive country at much lower cost than buying the same issues one at a time!


Faroe Islands NH Collection 1975-1997 (Pages 1919-2005): Scott #7//312 collection of 286 different stamps and souvenir sheets plus 11 booklets, uniformly NH VF. Nearly complete for the period 1975-97. Neatly arranged in clear mounts on Stender album pages. The pages are complete 1919-2005 in a red padded binder with matching slipcase. Jay Smith individual retail prices total $644.80 and the album has a new retail value of over $100. An attractive and pristine collection of a very popular country, priced to afford you a considerable savings!


Faroe Islands NH Collection 1975-1996: Faroe Islands Scott #7-311, collection of 296 different NH VF stamps and souvenir sheets, complete for the period 1975-1996. Most neatly mounted on clean Scott Specialty pages which run through 1995. Jay Smith retail prices total $548.80, so offered as a collection this affords you a significant savings over the cost of acquiring the sets individually. It also provides a solid start on this popular and attractive collecting area!


Faroe Islands Parallel NH and Used Collection 1975-1998: Collection of 319 different 1975-1998 NH plus a parallel collection of 269 different Used and a few booklet panes, all uniformly VF. Neatly mounted on Lindner-T hingeless pages (dual type) in a maroon padded binder. Both runs are fairly comprehensive with the NH all in complete sets. The used collection is nearly all in complete sets and most have pictorial first day cancels. We probably should mention that, since the canceled stamps have gum, some are lightly stuck but all can safely be removed with care should you wish to remount them. Scott 2016 retail totals over $1225! Overall, this is a rather unusual assemblage of Faroe Islands. The used is much harder to find then the mint and is seldom seen in such profusion!


Faroe Islands NH Collection 1975-1999 in Lindner Album: Scott #7-369, 1975-1999 Collection of over 350 different stamps and souvenir sheets, complete for the period. NH VF. Beautifully presented on like-new Lindner-T hingeless album pages in TWO padded 18-ring Lindner "Classic" binders with slipcases. Though the stamps are only present through 1999, the album pages are complete through 2011! The Jay Smith retail for the individual sets totals $701.25 and the Lindner pages, binders, and slipcases, sell new for about $480! (Without any stamps in it, I could easily sell this album for $175!) My price for this collection offers a significant savings on the stamps and the beautiful album is a free bonus! A handsome collection of this popular remote country with its rugged beauty and many colorful topical stamps.


Faroe Islands NH Collection 1975-2008 in Davo Albums: Extensive 1975-2009 collection of about 440 different stamps and souvenir sheets, plus many complete booklets, a complete run of Christmas seal sheets from 1976-2009, and the first two sets of machine stamps. Fairly complete for the period, all in complete sets, uniformly NH VF. Neatly presented in clear mounts in two like-new Davo albums. The albums are a special edition prepared by Davo for the Faroe post office; it contains special additional pages for the booklets and Christmas seals, and is housed in two handsome blue binders with Faroe coat of arms imprints and with matching slipcases. (You may be able to get the post-2009 supplements from the Faroe post office or from Davo.) Jay Smith retail prices for the individual items totals $2295.50, making this the largest Faroe collection we have offered for a while as a unit. New albums would certainly add at least a couple hundred dollars to the total value. A collector who likes remote countries with attractive and historic stamps should enjoy continuing this collection to completion! SPECIAL OFFER: You can get a 10% BONUS on purchases of more Faroe stamps, booklets, and Christmas seals by paying (at time of ordering this collection) any additional amount between $200 and $1000 and you will receive a merchandise credit of that amount plus 10% more, for your future purchases of Faroe stamps from JSA. A very attractive assemblage providing a solid start on this popular collecting area. Start or expand your Faroe collection now at a really terrific price!


Faroe Islands NH Collection 1975-1989 on White Ace Pages: Scott #7-185, complete collection of NH VF stamps from postal independence through the end of 1988. Includes the complete booklets for the three such issues in that era. Neatly mounted in black Showgard mounts on White Ace pages. The stamps have a total of Jay Smith prices of about $273. This is a great way to start collecting this wonderful country -- the stamps are all 100% relevant to the local history, culture, and geography of these fascinating islands.


Faroe Islands First Day Covers 1975-92: Collection of 69 different cacheted unaddressed FDCs in cover album, nearly complete for the period including 7-204 complete, etc. Virtually all official cachets (#7-20 have private cachets). A very clean, neat, and attractive collection in VF condition. My retail prices total over $440, but you can acquire this lovely group at a significant savings! (Old #30146)


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