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Literature: Scandinavia: Denmark  
These gently used books and catalogs are a great way to build your philatelic knowledge and library. All items are used and in at least "good" condition unless otherwise mentioned. I am constantly purchasing philatelic libraries, thus if there is anything you are seeking, please let me know. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Due to the low prices, variations in weight, and different mailing methods, distances, and destinations, shipping cost is additional for items in the Specials Literature listings unless otherwise mentioned. When ordering please include a note in the shopping cart comments section indicating if you prefer faster/costlier or slower/cheaper delivery so that I may more quickly quote the shipping costs and options for you.

Each item is usually one of a kind; orders will be filled in order of receipt. Payment by MasterCard or Visa suggested, but I will hold items for 10 days pending receipt of check if you prefer.

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The Stamps of Denmark (Poole): (Poole, Bertram W.H.; 1922) Booklet #37 in a broader series of philatelic publications. An eminently readable introduction to Danish philately and its stamps. Really almost a handbook more than a catalog (no values for the day). Basic illustrations, but the text is the main event. This was one of the earliest broadly distributed English-language publications about Danish philately and as such it had a great impact on the popularity of Danish philately outside of Denmark. 34 pages, plus paper cover. The self cover always extends beyond the pages, thus it is always slightly worn at the extreme edges. Other than that, this is a virtually pristine, like-new example -- certainly one of the nicest I have seen. Strongly recommended if you want to "fall in love" all over again with early Danish philately.


Hagemann: Denmark and Danish West Indies Stamps, Volume 2, Parts 1 and 2: (Hagemann, 1942; Danmarks og Dansk Vestindiens Frimaerker; 1 Del: Danmarks Frimaerker Emissionerne 1864/70; 2 Del: Dansk Vestindiens Frimaerker Indledning og de Klassike Emissioner) Handbook of the Danish 1864-70 issue. Introduction to DWI philately, DWI bibliography, and handbook of the classic (square) DWI stamps. Hardbound. Superb condition, rare so nice. A key reference from one of the most important Danish researchers. (Also #13162)


Danmarks Steel-Engraved Stamps 1933-1948: (Juhl, 1948; Danmarks Staalstukne Frimaerker 1933-1948) Classic catalog and handbook of the interesting steel-engraved issues. In Danish, but with small English summary and lots of great illustrations. Useful for the specialist. Good used example. (#13140) (Old #60178)


Stella Catalog of Denmark - Softbound: (King-Farlow, 1951) The classic English-language Danish catalog, original edition with 1951 price list. A combination of handbook and catalog, this is one of the most important early post-WWII books that helped to popularize Danish philately in the UK and North America. Using it today you will hardly notice that it was written over 60 years ago! Dust jacket is present but heavily worn. The book itself is in gently used condition with only somewhat loose sewn binding (as is usually found). Better than usual quality.


Danish Postal Booklets 1934-1950: (Tholl and Juhl, ca. 1950) Subtitled Danish Postal Booklets with Engraved Stamps 1934-1950. Stella Forlag reprint from magazine articles in Frimaerkesamleren. Complete English text and lots of illustrations. Very interesting and useful with a lot of useful information about the early booklets. At the same time, it is a desirable and collectible piece of Danish philatelic literature. Excellent used example with slight aging on cover, but pages are near pristine.


Analysis of Danish Prephilatelic Covers: (Maintz et al, 1987; Grundbog in Analyse af Danske Praefilatelistiske Breve) Though "heavy" Danish text, this is a very important reference for cover collectors and postal historians. Discusses the routes, ratings, manuscript marks and postmarks, postal services, postal rates, for Danish pre-stamp mail 1624-1851. Also quite useful for collectors of other European covers in this era that touched Denmark; the illustrations and discussions also often relate to mail to/from other countries that are to/from Denmark. Long out of print and quite hard to find. This example may have been pre-owned, but it is absolutely in like-new condition.


Danish Postal Rates 1851-1995: (Tobol, 1994; Takstfortegnelse 1851-1995) An important book. Lists all Danish stamps and indicates the primary postal rates for each stamp issue. Also lists stamps by life of their postal rate (shortest is 3 days). Extensive rate tables. Brand new copy. [A new edition (1851-2008) is available for $42.]


Danish Covers 1851-1979 Complete Set of Volumes I and II: (Gotfredsen and Haff, 1979; Danske Breve 1851-1979 Bind I and II) Postal rates and services (first volume); cataloging and pricing on cover by stamp issue (second volume). Hardbound, high quality, must-have books for every serious Danish cover and postal history collector. Pristine, like-new set that appears to never have been used. Pre-owned sets are seldom offered.


Ship Mail To and From Denmark in the Mid-1800s: (Hansen and Maintz, 1996; Skibspost Til og Fra Danmark i Midten af 1800-tallet) Superb coverage of this neglected subject. Includes rates, routes, markings, analysis, with significant original research and original source materials. In Danish, with English summary. Hardbound, well illustrated. From the Gordon Hughmark library; inscribed by author Kurt Hansen to Hughmark. Excellent, very gently used condition. New is also available: #13112 for $69.


Danish UN Forces in Gaza 1956-1967 including English Supplement: (E. Menne Larsen, Posthistorisk Forlag, 1979; Den danske FN-styrke i Gaza DANOR BN UNEF 1956-67) Described as a handbook and catalog, it is the only book I can think of on this subject that includes all aspects of this unusual postal history subject and the postmarks. Includes separate (and scarce!) ENGLISH summary with PRICING. Only 250 numbered and 50 unnumbered books issued; this is a numbered edition. I believe that it has been out of print since the mid-1980s. Very much sought after by several collecting groups. Pre-owned, but excellent condition and appears to never have been used.


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Danish Postal Stationery: (Pedersen and Bendix, 1999; Danmarks Helsager) Outstanding catalog, with prices and great illustrations. Includes all normal issues, as well as PTPO items and Slesvig. Greatly expanded beyond the Pedersen catalogs, but still not as specialized as Ringstrom (though easier on the eyes). Uses a different number system than Ringstrom. English word list; hardbound, excellent. Very gently used in extremely good condition. (New is in stock at $56.75 [#13135] if you prefer.)


(Denmark) Holte Landpost: (Christensen, 1966) Beautifully produced 24 page + cover booklet describing (in Danish) the Holte local post and its stamps. What distinguishes the Holte post is that it was much more of an official, governmentally operated post, really an early (1860s) precursor to the local posts and the rural posts. Though in Danish, has extremely good illustrations of the types, varieties, forgeries, etc. Includes the five 1966 reproductions of Holte locals. Numbered copy in pristine, like-new condition. (This example sold at auction in the 1990s for $36 -- it is worth all of that just for the five "reprints".)


Denmark Revenues catalogs: Group of two photocopies of earlier Danish revenues catalog listings. "Stempel Mærker 1974" listing and pricing the basic documentary revenue stamps; originally 6 pages copied onto 3 pages. "Stempelmarkenkatalog der Nordischen Staaten, I Danmark, II Danish West Indies" published in 1951 in Helsinki, listing and pricing mostly just the documentary and playing card revenues with German and English text; originally 12 pages copied onto 6 pages. Obviously both quite dated, but still interesting and useful perspective.


Stamp Card Catalog - Denmark, Faroe, and Greenland 1983: (Steiness, 1983) Lists and pictures the "stamp cards", the officially issued picture post cards which often picture stamps. These cards are great fun to collect and include many different thematics. New copy. (Old #60216)


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