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Faroe: Covers: 1940-1949 (Not Provisionals)  
Scott numbers have been used unless otherwise indicated. All items are available for viewing on approval.
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Denmark #238D [1940 20 Ýre red Caravel Type II] (VF) on 24 July 1942 commercial cover from THORSHAVN (single-ring style cancel) to the village of Kvivik. Includes contents (receipt for payment of kr 815.97). Opened roughly, but stamp is okay.
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Denmark #227A [1940 8 Ýre green Numeral and Wavy Lines] (VF) on 8 September 1944 commercial-appearing printed matter cover from THORSHAVN (bridge style cancel) to Flaxton, North Dakota, USA. Some minor creasing as typical and also with vertical fold where cover was folded in half -- which may be important. Sent as unsealed printed matter, but at some point the flap did become sealed. Sender noted "Printed" and "afs [sender] ...[unreadable]... via England". This ordinary looking cover presents a lot of postal history questions. The war in Europe did not come to an end until 5 May 1945, yet this cover does not bear any censorship markings or markings indicating exclusion from censorship (there is nothing on the reverse). At this time, other than via potential undocumented carriage to the UK on British naval vessels, there was no surface/sea mail from the Faroes to England and points west, due to German submarine activity. At this time, mail from the Faroes was carried by air to Great Britain; some was censored on arrival in the UK, but onward transmission to North America was typically bagged up and carried by air on to Bermuda where the British had a very large censoring operation until it closed 24 March 1944. From that time, the Americans were responsible for censoring inbound mail. I cannot recall if I have seen U.S. censored or uncensored printed matter from the Faroes in this autumn 1944 period. I also cannot recall if I have seen surface-rate printed matter making it out of the Faroes in this era. One potential explanation is that the envelope was folded in half -- this is typical of "undercover mail" either sent in a covering envelope via a neutral country (unlikely in this case and at this time) or part of a larger group of envelopes all sent together in a larger envelope. If this is the case, then airmail postage would have been paid on the enclosing envelope; once that reached the U.S. and was opened for mailing of the individual items, the original 8 Ýre would have been sufficient for the printed matter carriage within the U.S. However, such envelopes would sometimes receive a U.S. postal marking (which this does not have) or would have been censored; but individual censorship was sometimes skipped for identical printed matter items. Regardless of how this cover made it to the tiny town of Flaxton, North Dakota, in the middle of the war, it is a very interesting and unusual cover.
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