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STATSMINISTERIET 26 February 1940 Superb cancellation on 15 Ýre Caravel (large dots in crown) ON PIECE. The cancellation is BLUE; the date separately struck in grayish black, as usual. None of the catalogs mention color differences of the cancel. There is no doubt that it is BLUE; it is not bluish black. SPECIAL GOVERNMENT COURIER SERVICE: From approximately 1 February 1940 until the German occupation of Denmark on 9 April 1940, the regular mail service between Faroe and Denmark was discontinued. However, to maintain communication between Faroese and Danish government officials, a special courier mail was operated utilizing sealed diplomatic mail bags. Even though this was official mail was handled outside of postal channels, Danish stamps were applied as would have normally been used, and were canceled with this special postmark. Complete covers range from scarce to rare; nice pieces, such as this, are quite uncommon. Though the current Faroe GF10 catalog lists pieces at only DKK 750, they have been listed at much higher prices in the past; for example, the Wowern Faroe GF10 1991 listed a piece for DKK 1500 = approximately US$240-280 at the time -- and they have not gotten any more common in my opinion!
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