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Scandinavian Philatelic E-News:  2007 March 15


1.  News & Comment:
Division of Stamp vs Specialized Price Lists (Printed & PDF)
New GB Machin Listings
Danish Book Wins Gold and Grand Awards

2.  Printed and PDF Denmark Stamp Price Lists Now Available

3.  100-Volume Worldwide Mint Collection Being Broken Up

4.  Special Offers: Collections & Albums -- Great Buys

5.  Used and One-of-a-kind Philatelic Literature

1.  News & Comment Shopping Cart: Review or Check Out   Top 
Division of Stamp vs Specialized Price Lists (Printed & PDF)

When I added the Danish stamp listings to the ever-growing Scandinavia price list, the total size grew to 112 pages and had become costly to print and mail. Also, many clients are interested in either the "basic" stamps or the specialized material, but not both.

I have now divided the Scandinavia list into "Stamps" and "Specialized" editions. Either or both are available for download as PDF files and by postal mail.

The "Stamps" list does include more than just stamps: Booklets and booklet panes, advertising pairs, gutter pairs, year packs and year books, machine stamps, blackprints, national Christmas seals, and the Scandinavian tourist stamps.

The "Specialized" list has everything else, including, but not limited to: Covers, postal history, postmarks / cancellations, first day covers, plate blocks, maximum cards, souvenir cards, postal stationery, proofs, essays, test stamps, specimens, reprints, forgeries, labels and seals, revenues, locals, etc.

As before, these printable / printed lists contain the same items as the website, but can be much easier to use and keep for reference. When requesting, please keep in mind that the printed lists cost me several dollars each to print and mail.

New GB Machin Listings

If you enjoy having "fun" (I am not sure that is the correct word) with the British Machin definitives, you might want to check the NH stamp listings just added.

Danish Book Wins Gold and Grand Awards

The book Danish Advertising Panes by James A. Gaudet and published by the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation has just been honored with a Gold medal and the Grand Award for Best Handbook in Show. The book has also received the prestigious Scandinavian Collector Club Earl Grant Jacobsen Award for Literature.

I congratulate Jim Gaudet for his success and thank the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation for supporting this book.

Bonnie and I provided editorial assistance and all the preparation, layout, illustration, publishing, printing, and binding work. It was a big job and it is satisfying to see the book recognized by the philatelic world.

The book can be ordered from me -- all the funds go to the SPF. There is a discount for SPF members and you can join at the same time you order. (If you order directly from the SPF, I will still be the one to ship it to you.)
2.  Printed and PDF Denmark Stamp Price Lists Now Available Shopping Cart: Review or Check Out   Top 
Two weeks ago, the Denmark STAMP price list was put on the website. The design of virtually every stamp is illustrated.

As promised, the Denmark stamp price list is now available for download as a Acrobat PDF file which you can view on-screen or print out and as a printed price list sent by postal mail.

This price list is probably the most comprehensive such listing on the web or in print, with up to three levels of condition and up to five levels of quality for each item. There are over 5000 priced listings and more are being added almost every day. 99.5% of the stamps have illustrations.

Even if you request the printed version, please also take a look at the website: many items are in very short supply, I suggest you don't wait; place your order today.

A full Table of Contents helps to get you to a starting point in the website list. Unfortunately, to keep the page size and browser loading time reasonable, the list on the website is divided into 107 web pages.

Scott numbers have been given for these listings. If you would prefer to examine the stamps before purchasing, or you are seeking any stamps (or any condition or any quality) not listed here, please send your want list using your choice of Scott, Facit, or AFA numbers. (My stock is organized in Scott order, thus Scott numbers are preferred, but I can work with the other numbers if that is easier for you.)

The publication of this list is a "first effort" in quite a long time. It surely includes a few errors; I will be grateful if you would inform me of any errors you notice. Stamps "missing" from the list simply might not be included because they are not in stock or are singles which are normally only listed in full sets. Just the same if it seems like something obvious (and not a single from a set) is missing, please let me know. If you can offer for sale items that are not listed here, please do so; I especially need sources of recent used complete sets. Prices are subject to typographical error and change, but I will do my best to honor the listed prices to the extent of available stock.

See additional examples of Danish Stamps in the following Sections:
New Arrivals.
Specialized Stamps many pages starting here (Varieties, Blocks, Cancellations, and other interesting items).

WEBSITE TIP: The price list pages are in Scott number order. Once you are on a price list page, to most easily navigate these stamp price list pages, use the "drop down" menu located above this text (and at the bottom of every page). You can also hover over the numbered page links and read the name of the page in the bottom status bar of your browser.
3.  100-Volume Worldwide Mint Collection Being Broken Up Shopping Cart: Review or Check Out   Top 
For complete truth in advertising, I should say that this collection is in 85 albums and the rest in 15 cartons of items that were never put into the albums. "100" sounds better.

The country collections are all Mint and generally start in the 1930s and are typically complete up into the early 1990s. Some of the earliest stamps are hinged, but quickly switch over to NH.

The arrangements were finalized yesterday and now this collection will be broken up over the next few weeks. There is a tremendous amount of material here, ranging from handsome Scandinavian country collections, to multi-album collections of many other areas, and boxes of new/recent issues.

The collection will be broken up according to requests received from clients. If you have a favorite country from the following list of worldwide countries, please let me know of your interests, soon...
  • Great Britain
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Man (extensive)
  • Jersey
  • Alderney
  • Germany 1930s-on (very extensive with many scarce items including many scarce 1930s NH stamps; also many hard to obtain mini sheets of modern issues)
  • Germany -- DDR (extensive)
  • Germany -- Berlin
  • Saar (extensive)
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Vatican (inc. 35-40, C16-17)
  • Israel
  • United Nations (singles, mini sheets)
  • Canada (singles, blocks, mini sheets)
  • Japan (singles and mini sheets)
  • Ryukyu (inc. NH VF #17, also mini sheets)
  • Vietnam
  • Russia and Republics
  • and much more...
4.  Special Offers: Collections & Albums -- Great Buys Shopping Cart: Review or Check Out   Top 
I am constantly buying large and small Scandinavian, U.S., and Worldwide collections. If you are considering getting into a new area and would like a "starter collection" (whether small or large), let me know about your interest. Also, if you are seeking used binders or used empty albums to match what you currently have, again, let me know. In the process of buying Scandinavian collections, many of my long-time clients (or their estates) ask that I assist in selling the non-Scandinavian portion of their collections. If there is something you are looking for, just let me know. Take a look at the current listings on the web site (but if you don't see your interest listed, please inquire -- most have not been listed on the web site yet).

I guarantee your satisfaction. Each item is one of a kind; orders will be filled in order of receipt. Payment by MasterCard or Visa suggested, but I will hold items for 10 days pending receipt of your check or money order if you prefer.

Useful Links:
Scandinavian Collections
U.S. and World (Non-Scandinavian) Collections
Used Albums & Binders

Scandinavia: Thousands of Stamps and Covers!
U.S. Individual Stamps: Great Items at Great Prices!
World Individual Stamps: Great Items at Great Prices!


For more, see: Scandinavian Collections

#731177   Norway Collection 1856-1969
Collection of about 450 different plus a few duplicates, mint and used, mounted in "Norge" Norwegian album (published by Dreyer in Stavanger) in blue binder with Norway #1 pictured on cover. Majority used but includes some mint sets. Condition is virtually all F-VF or better with much VF. Some of the mint may be lightly stuck down but all can be removed with care. Recent Scott retail totals $882! $195.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

For more, see: U.S. and Worldwide Collections

#731178   U.S. Airmail Plate Block Collection 1938-80
Mounted collection of 60 different airmail blocks (58 airmail plate blocks plus C23 arrow block and 1341 $1 Airlift plate block) in attractive black mounts on White Ace pages. Two blocks (C28, C30) have Post Office notation erasures in margin. A couple of earlies are lightly hinged but from 1946 on seems to be all NH. Overall condition is VF (or better)! Brookman 2007 retail is $244.21! $85.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731179   U.S. Airmail Collection 1934-79
Mounted collection of 70 different airmails between C23//C97, CE1-2, in attractive black mounts on White Ace pages. Includes C25-31, and the coils are represented by either pairs of line pairs. A pristine lot, all og, nh, F-VF or better with a high percentage VF. Brookman 2007 retail is $150.65. $59.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731180   U.S. Scott National Album Collection to 1970
Remainder collection of few hundred different, mostly mint plus a few used, in Scott National album in a rather worn green 3-inch 2-post binder. Starts with #11, but rather sparse and in very mixed condition on older issues to about 1935. The 1935-70 period includes a fairly complete run of mint commemoratives with much NH in the later issues. These is also a decent selection of middle period airmails and a few other back-of-book issues. Condition after 1935 will run F-VF or better with much VF. A worthwhile selection for anyone wanting to fill in the 3c-6c era! $69.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731176   World War II Allied Military Government (AMG) Collection 1945-46
Collection of 82 different mint Allied Military Government issues, lightly hinged on Scott hinge-post pages. All complete sets including Austria 4N1-17, France 2N1-20, Germany 3N1-20, Italy 1N1-13 and 1LN1-12. A difficult unit to assemble (as anyone who has ever searched will attest). A clean, neat collection, F-VF or better. Scott 2007 retail is $121.30. Do not miss this opportunity to acquire all of these at once! $69.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731182   Scott 3-Ring 3-Inch Binder with Slipcase
Pristine used 3-inch, 3-ring binder with matching slipcase and sheet lifters. Scott new retail is $66.73 per set! It is rare to find used examples of these extra-large binders and certainly not in such nice condition. THREE AVAILABLE. Two have a gold-on-black "DENMARK" label, but this comes off very easily and thus the binder could be used for any country. (Specify preference if you want with or without the label, if still available.) $38.50
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731181   White Ace U.S. Binder and Slip Case
White Ace binder imprinted in gold "POSTAGE STAMPS of the UNITED STATES" in good used condition with matching black slip case in excellent condition. $13.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)
5.  Used and One-of-a-kind Philatelic Literature Shopping Cart: Review or Check Out   Top 
Most of these books are one-of-a-kind, thus be sure to order early. This is just a tiny glimpse of the used books available. Please take a look at the complete Literature Specials price list -- it has much more to offer. I welcome your want list for any Scandinavian books you are seeking. "New" books will be in brand-new condition. "Used" books will be used, though in attractive and serviceable condition; these books may contain minor owner's marks and have typical wear, but any significant defects will be noted in the description. Most "used" books are in much better condition than you might think; many are pristine.

#731187   Forgeries of Finnish Postage Stamps (Hardbound)
(Ossa, 1977; Suomen Postimerkkien Väärenteitä) A classic reference on all types of Finnish fakes, forgeries, facsimiles, etc. Still an extremely useful book because it includes discussion of the stamps and forgeries. Text is completely in ENGLISH and Finnish. This is the much SCARCER HARDBOUND edition and is in excellent virtually-new condition. $39.50
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731185   The History and Postage Stamps of Ascension Island
(Ford, 1933; 1971 2nd edition [Hayes reprint]) Very interesting 68-page softbound handbook of the early postal history, postmarks, and stamps of Ascension Island. Quite hard to find. In pristine like-new condition; appears to never have been read. $27.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731186   Tristan Da Cunha - Its Postal History and Philately
(Mackay, Crabb, 1965) Important 72-page handbook with emphasis on the postal history of this fascinating area. The only current offering I found for this on the web was at $125! Like-new condition; appears never to have been read. $59.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731183   Pitcairn Islands Study Group Newsletter / Pitcairn Log 1973-1981 Complete Run
32 issues, complete from Volume 1 Issue 1 through Volume 8 Issue 4. These must be an extremely scarce, especially the earliest issues. Contains a wealth of "required knowledge" for the Pitcairn specialist. Extremely good condition, with NO defects or markings noted. $95.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

#731184   The Pitcairn Islands Stamp Catalog
(Hornadge, First Edition 1976) Excellent, heavily illustrated 128-page specialized catalog of stamps, postmarks, postal history, etc. A great reference for the specialist or for anyone who enjoys "small island philately". Excellent condition; appears to have never been read. Also included: 1976 dealer price list. $22.00
Order Online  (Will open a new window; the new window may be under current window.)

We are U.S. Distributor
The KEY reference!
In Stock
Order Now!
Falkland Catalog
The primary reference for all aspects of Falkland philately, including postal history and postmarks.
$49.00 Postpaid
in U.S. by Media Mail


Official Blackprint
1856/1862 Local Stamp
Very Limited Supply!
Order Now!
Sweden Blackprint
Official blackprint/reprint made in 1930 to aid in study of the printing plate. Ungummed on thick card, as issued. Seldom offered.
Single $12.00
Pair $22.00
Block $40.00

Other reprints also available.


Rare ICELAND 1911
World Classic Seal Design
Very Limited Supply!
Order Now!
Caritas seal
Seldom offered and rarely at such a low price! A once-in-a-lifetime purchase allows me to share the savings with you.
NH VF normally $60.00!
NH VF Only $36.00!

(A few others $18-$48.
1904 and 1905 also available.)


From World War II
Only a few available!
Order Now!
Postal Currency
Only $16.00!

Limited Supply!
Order Now!
Ladybug Coil Error
Unplanned Vertical Coil "Error" Stamp.

Updated 6 October 2022

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