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Denmark Scott #259, 261 x2 [1937 10 and 30 øre King Christian 25th Anniv. on Throne] (VF) on cover canceled 23 July 1938 with København machine cancellation on two of the three stamps (one 30 øre was left uncanceled). The cover appears to be philatelic, originating in the U.S., with a "registered" instruction, with a U.S. return address. Most likely sent in a covering envelope to Greenland. Whether it actually reached Greenland and was sent on from there, or just reached the KGH (Royal Greenland Trade Department) office in København is not known, but the "GRØNLANDS STYRELSE" violet handstamp on the reverse is how mail FROM GREENLAND (before Greenlandic stamps) was normally handled and marked at the time. The registration did not occur, even though enough postage was paid. [This was apparently offered in an auction, about 30 or more years ago as lot 760 (see accompanying slip) with an estimated price of $300. It was offered in another unknown auction before that as lot 1121 (number on reverse).] Though this cover still holds more questions than I have been able to answer, it is a scarce PRE-GREENLAND STAMP USE.
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Denmark Scott #280 pair (VF) [1942 10 øre violet Christian X] on 12 October 1945 cover canceled at IVIGTUT (sender not known) to a colonial official farther north along the west coast at FREDERIKSHAAB (now Paamiut), with clear 14 November 1945 receiver postmark on front of cover. Addressed to Grønlands Styrelse (Greenland administration office) in København in such a way to suggest that the sender expected the cover to be carried from Ivigtut by ship to Denmark and then back to Frederikshaab. I do not have the shipping schedules handy, but if there was no northbound ship expected for a while, this would have been by far the fastest method. Even though domestic letter postage was free up to 1958, the Danish 20 øre franking may (?) have been used (required?) because the letter was being routed through the Danish postal system to get it headed back toward Greenland. Furthermore, there were special handling rules for mail specifically to/from the mine at Ivigtut; this use may or may not fall into that category. Any cover from 1938-1958 having features beyond the normal types of usage is extremely scarce, often with only a very few examples known.
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Denmark #506 pair, 544 x2 [1976 10 kr Arms; 1977 100 øre Brown Queen Type I] (VF) on 29 August 1978 parcel card from "KØBENHAVN N / 1" to DUNDAS, GREENLAND (as usual, no Greenland receiving marks). Modern Danish parcel cards to Greenland are seldom offered (they were supposed to be retained by the post office for a few years and then the stamps torn off and sold as kiloware).
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Set of two 1957 covers BEARING EVERY REGULAR GREENLAND STAMP ISSUED UP TO THAT TIME. Matched pair of registered covers, to the U.S. with backstamps, canceled at SDR . STRØMFJORD (the location of the airport) on 16 April 1957. The most spectacular of the two covers bears both complete "American" sets, Scott #10-18 without overprint and #19-27 with overprint. Just as used singles removed from the cover, those two sets of stamps alone would sell for $1545! Though Scott #10-18 and #19-27 are not often seen canceled this late, we know for certain that (at least) some of the stamps were still in postal stocks at the time and were being used in daily use for high-denomination frankings. These two sets are particularly nice as they were CANCELED IN GREENLAND and not at the KGH office in København. The other cover bears all the other regular stamps issued to that time. I have never before had (in 38 years) such a set of Greenlandic covers. An exceptional pair of covers priced at only the value of the used singles of Scott #10-18 and #19-27!
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Dansk Nordostgrønlands Ekspedition 1938-39 (Danish Northeast Greenland Expedition 1938-39) official expedition fundraising post card with the official expedition 18 May 1939 postmark on various Danish stamps as usual. From 10 July 1938 to 16 September 1939, about 7000 cards were carried by the expedition. At the conclusion, the expedition was picked up at Mørkefjord by the ship Gustav Holm (see Scott #35-38) and taken via Scoresbysund (Greenland), to Isafjord, Iceland; from there they traveled directly back København, Denmark. Thus expedition cards also relate to Icelandic postal history! As listed by Wowern and DAKA GF6 catalogs... There are two types of the post card: A = short "i" in "Pris" and B = tall "i" in "Pris". There are two types of the postmark which the catalogs list but do not assign a type number, thus I assign: JSA Type 1 = 8 mm bridge and unbroken outer circle; JSA Type 2 = 7 mm bridge and break in outer circle over "OS" of "NORDOST". Upon arrival back in København, five different receiving postmarks are known. As of Wowern GF3 1976, only 15 of the possible 20 three-way combinations were known. DAKA GF6 1997 lists all 20 combinations almost all having identical prices, but I suspect that not all were known/documented. This example is: A-1-21: Card A (short i), Cancel 1 (8 mm), København 21 receiver, and forwarded within København. VF condition with minor mounting adhesion on reverse.
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"Greenland Expedition" of the 1940 United States Coast Guard Cutter "NORTHLAND". In August 1940 this Coast Guard cutter was sent to Greenland to survey the coastline, develop maritime charts, etc., in planning for the coming war in Europe and to counter German presence around Greenland (the Germans were reporting on weather systems and ship movements in the area). This cover is a "Crosby" cacheted cover for the 150th anniversary of the Coast Guard, with "GREENLAND EXPEDITION" typed on it. The cover has a typed address which was then changed by hand, but erased. The reverse bears a "Northland" return address at the Boston Navy Yard. There is no specific indication that the cover went through the mail, though it was sealed and opened. This cover is a puzzle to me. I do not know if it was prepared and never carried or posted, or if it was carried and then sent to subscribers in an outer envelope??? It is the only such example I have seen. It comes from the James Kerr collection and he had noted that he paid $200 for it at a formal public auction. Without more documentation, I offer it at a much lower price.
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Greenland 1964-1980 Special and Commemorative Cancellation Covers: Group of 22 covers with all-different special or commemorative cancellations, mostly pictorial. Includes wide range of interesting topics including polar bears, Christmas, music, helicopters, etc. All were sent through the mail, but only those to the U.S. show proof of it (sorter markings on reverse). Other addresses include Germany, and U.S. APOs and FPOs in Europe including DIAL, U.S. Army Russian Institute, etc. Better cancels are included that would have individual prices up to $10 (though I see some offered at stamp shows for up to $25!). Either a nice way to spice up a stamp collection or a nice addition to a cover collection. Priced very attractively as a lot! Shipping cost is additional for this item.


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