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World: British Europe: Great Britain First Day Covers  
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Great Britain First Day Cover Collection 1964-1984: Collection of over 100 nearly all-different covers of the 1964-1984 period. Mostly cacheted first day covers, the vast majority bear complete commemorative sets and even a couple with souvenir sheets. Most are addressed to Poland, were actually mailed, and some even have Polish receiving handstamps on the reverse (if exhibiting in thematic exhibits, judges like to see receiver markings). Most of the cancellations are official FD cancels, but are small town official FD cancels, not the typical locations. A few are ordinary (but first day dated) postmarks, which are quite unusual in this era. Also includes a few event covers with Polish connections (Papal visit, Warsaw uprising anniversary, etc.). Condition nearly all VF and most would retail in the $1.50 to $3.00 range. A very colorful collection with a tremendous range of many topical stamp issues. Shipping cost is additional for this item.


Great Britain: Fleetwood First Day Covers 1974-80: Collection of 57 virtually all different cacheted unaddressed Fleetwood first day covers, almost all in complete sets (usually sets of 5: four individual covers plus a fifth bearing the entire set with a different cachet). Included are Churchill, Christmas Carols, bicycling, horses, QE II Jubilee, trains, dogs, etc. As a bonus, two of the issues are in Fleetwood hard-cover souvenir folders. A very attractive group, VF! Original new issue cost probably well over $150. (Old #40248) Shipping cost is additional for this item.


Great Britain First Day Covers 1992-1997 Collection: Collection of about 44 different neatly (typed) addressed first day covers with official Royal Mail cachets. All complete sets (one set per cover) representing a tremendous range of topics including animals, Royals, art, literature, sailing, history, war, theater, EU, Christmas, birds, time, flowers, orchids, ships, Sherlock Holmes, berries and nuts, trains, Channel Tunnel, sports, D-Day, golf, science, cats, Shakespeare, rugby, soccer/football, cinema, autos, airplanes, horses, etc., etc. Contained in handsome, new-looking maroon "Royal Mail First Day Covers" binder. Scott 2008 value just as used stamps is about $180! Great value (even for a dealer or eBayer)! Shipping cost is additional for this item.


Scott #MH18-21 [5 March 1969 Machin engraved Sterling currency High Values 2/6, 5/, 10/ and 1 pound] First Day Cover with "PhilArt Delux" cachet, with Canterbury, Kent official FD cancel. VF, addressed. A scarcer issue and a scarcer cachet. I have seen priced at around 15 pounds.
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