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2006 May 5
May 5, 2006


1. More "New Arrivals" Added to Website

2. ALAND, FAROE, and GREENLAND Newly Issued Stamps Have Been Added To Website

3. The 2006 Norden "Nordic Mythology" Issues

4. Greta Garbo Souvenir Sheet and Related Issues

5. Iceland 2002 Laxness Gold-Foil Souvenir Sheet

6. SLANIA: In the Slania area, I have added....
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7. United States Pre-Stamp and Stampless Covers

The following sections in the E-News may no longer be timely, however, there are many new opportunities to be seen on the web site at...
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1.  More "New Arrivals" Added to Website
1. I have added many new stamps, covers, and other items to the NEW ARRIVALS pages of each country. There are a lot of great items here; be sure to take a look at your countries of interest:

DANISH WEST INDIES: Scarce stamps include #1a and #27a. Several covers include pre-stamp covers and a #2 cover (rare), etc.

DENMARK: Scarce stamps include #16c and many nice Bicolor blocks. Diverse includes Semi-Official Airmail Stamps, Essays, Proofs, Stamp Show Overprints on Stamps, FRAMA 00.00 stamp, etc.

FAROE: Stamps include examples of Faroe #1 in nice quality.

FINLAND: Stamps include various early issues. Covers include Russian- design stamps on scarcer parcel cards, etc. Diverse includes proofs of semi-postal stamps.

NORTH INGERMANLAND (Finland): I have just added mint examples of #6 and #7 to the North Ingermanland section; a variety of used stamps are also listed, along with extremely unusual forgery errors and varieties.

GREENLAND: Stamps include attractive Pakke-Portos. Covers include Eastern Arctic Patrol (before and during WWII) and Danish stamps used in Greenland.

ICELAND: Stamps include plate varieties and unusual Tollur items, etc. Covers include a variety of 1910-1940 items. Diverse includes attractive revenue documents and scarce WWII censor markings.

NORWAY: Scarce stamps include #17a the very rare Prussian Blue, #41, #218 with certificate, and #207 "low overprint".

SWEDEN: Scarce stamps include #3 Mint with certificate, a very scarce example of the BEEHIVE cancellation, #47 NH, #227 NH, #218a NH and Used, 289/289a BC and CB pairs, and several Ringtype varieties, etc. Diverse includes beautiful revenue stamps (perhaps the largest in the world).

Quick links to all 26 pages are right near the top of the home page at
Please take a look.
2.  ALAND, FAROE, and GREENLAND Newly Issued Stamps Have Been Added To Website:
ALAND, FAROE, and GREENLAND newly issued stamps have been added to the website, including the FDCs for Aland and Faroe, and the Maximum Cards for Greenland. These include the new Norden "Nordic Mythology" issues (the second of the series).
3.  The 2006 Norden "Nordic Mythology" Issues
All of the latest the Norden "Nordic Mythology" issues (the second of the series) are now in stock, including the 8-country souvenir sheet folder. The first year (2004) in the series was extremely popular and I expect the new 2006 issues will be as well.

I have added a basic page (no pictures; though the Aland, Faroe, and Greenland separate web pages do have pictures) that lists ALL of the 2006 Norden "Nordic Mythology" issues and the folder. (Please use a regular email to place your order from this page.)

In case you still need some of the 2004 (first year) issues, see:
4.  Greta Garbo Souvenir Sheet and Related Issues
The scarce Greta Garbo souvenir sheet, and related items, keeps attracting more attention and getting scarcer. Many people, especially in Europe, are receiving their annual album page supplements and are discovering a space for a souvenir sheet that they did not know about. I expect to see prices go even higher. Only 30,000 were issued; supposedly that is far fewer than the number of subscribers to the Swedish post office's own new issue service! I have sold out FIVE times recently and, with great difficulty, I have been able to find a few more examples. They are again in stock.... for the moment. If you need this, please do not delay.

I have also obtained a few examples of the souvenir sheet with both a cylinder number (1 or 2) AND the 5-digit "counting number". These combinations are scarce and very much in demand.

I have also added more Swedish items related to this issue, including postally used covers:

The United States Greta Garbo issues are located at:
5.  Iceland 2002 Laxness Gold-Foil Souvenir Sheet
This scarce issue has again been getting increased attention from collectors. I am told that only 5000 were issued. Perhaps some collectors thought that more would magically appear, but now they are facing the reality that this is an extremely scarce item. I have sold out several times but have managed to find one or two more here and there. At this moment I am down to just three (3) examples. If you need this scarce item, don't delay!
6.  SLANIA: In the Slania area, I have added....
TUNISIA page: The single stamp, perforated souvenir sheet, and imperforate souvenir sheet. One or more of these items are missing from most Slania collections.

MONACO rare souvenir sheets that are virtually unknown to Slania collectors: The #1227-28 souvenir sheet of only two stamps. Imperforate souvenir sheets of #1500, 1681, and 1697. The stamp (and s/s) listings start at:

MONACO page for various cards and covers. (There are also separate pages for FDCs, maximum cards, and postal stationery.)

MONACO Proofs: Some time ago my entire stock of proofs was sold out, however, for reference / informational purposes I have put the items back on the site for your viewing. Four pages starting at...
7.  United States Pre-Stamp and Stampless Covers
If you did not see it in last month's E-News, I have added some great covers to the site. A client sent along a very nice collection in trade for Scandinavian stamps (you can do that too!). More than 100 covers are offered individually. They range from the late 1700s to the 1850s, from Maine to California, including some items of historical significance. The quality is unusually nice and the range of states included is quite broad. Even if you don't think you collect such covers, if you are an American, at least take a look at the covers from your "home state".

We are U.S. Distributor
The KEY reference!
In Stock
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Falkland Catalog
The primary reference for all aspects of Falkland philately, including postal history and postmarks.
$49.00 Postpaid
in U.S. by Media Mail


Official Blackprint
1856/1862 Local Stamp
Very Limited Supply!
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Sweden Blackprint
Official blackprint/reprint made in 1930 to aid in study of the printing plate. Ungummed on thick card, as issued. Seldom offered.
Single $12.00
Pair $22.00
Block $40.00

Other reprints also available.


Rare ICELAND 1911
World Classic Seal Design
Very Limited Supply!
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Caritas seal
Seldom offered and rarely at such a low price! A once-in-a-lifetime purchase allows me to share the savings with you.
NH VF normally $60.00!
NH VF Only $36.00!

(A few others $18-$48.
1904 and 1905 also available.)


From World War II
Only a few available!
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Postal Currency
Only $16.00!

Limited Supply!
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Ladybug Coil Error
Unplanned Vertical Coil "Error" Stamp.

Updated 24 September 2021

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