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Danish West Indies Philatelic Books
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(D.W.I.) The Bicoloured Stamps of Denmark 1870-1905 (including D.W.I.) (Nielsen, 2001) An incredible masterwork of Danish philatelic literature. SIX VOLUMES with COMPLETE ENGLISH (and Danish) TEXT covering every aspect of the creation, production, and identification of the stamps, varieties, and printings. THOUSANDS OF ILLUSTRATIONS including color. Edition of only 500.

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Danish West Indies Mails, Volume I, Postal History (NEW EDITION) COIL BOUND (Revised by DuBois, Series Editor Jay Smith, 2000) This long-awaited work is completely revised and expanded. Covers all aspects of DWI postal history including British, French, German, US, and private mail services. Vastly improved illustrations. A must-have reference! CURRENT AWAITING ADDITIONAL PRINTING. RESERVE YOURS NOW.

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#12001 DWI Mails, 1754-1917; Volume I, Postal History (Engstrom, 1979) Was the definitive 1754-1917 postal history of the Danish West Indies until it was superseded by new edition. Scarce.

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DWI Mails 1754-1917; Volume II, The Postal Emissions (Engstrom, 1981) The stamps & stationery with information and background on printing, production, distribution, and use of each issue, with specialized cataloging. This is the definitive reference for DWI stamps & stationery.  
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#12008 DWI Mails 1754-1917; Volume III, Postal Services and Special Stamps (Engstrom, 1982) The essays, proof, reprints, revenues, shipping company stamps, postmarks, postal rates, fakes & forgeries, registered mail, postal forms, Christmas seals, military mail, and the PRICE GUIDE for all three volumes. Out of print & very scarce. (Wanted to buy.)

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#12016 The United States and Brazil Mail Steamship Companies, 1866-1893 (DuBois, 1998; article in The Congress Book 1998) An important 37-page article on these ship lines and the mail they carried, with much new research presented. Well-illustrated. an important reference for collectors of DWI & Caribbean postal history of this period. Hardbound (Congress Book). The publisher is completely out of stock of this edition.


#12004 "AUS WESTINDIEN" German Sorter Markings on DWI Mail (Schnell, 1988) Excellent discussion of the markings applied on mail from DWI to Europe carried by German ships in the 1890s.


#12020 Lightbourn's Picture Postcards of Danish West Indies and U.S. Virgin Islands (Wengrovitz and Heckman, 2010) A massive and fascinating handbook and catalog (no pricing) of the DWI's most prolific picture post card publisher. Hundreds of cards are carefully cataloged, with many illustrated (but if not illustrated, there is adequate description to identify based on the card's caption text). This could serve as a model for other publication projects. Plastic spiral binding, 243 pages.


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#12003 DWI Revenue Stamped Paper & Adhesives (McRee, 1987) A standalone book supplementing and updating the information in the DWI Mails Handbook. The primary and most recent reference on the DWI period of the islands.


#12011 Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World - Part I - The Caribbean (Ringstrom & Tester, 1976) Includes all of the Ship Letter Stamps used on mail to and from DWI. A hardbound, deluxe book, completely in ENGLISH. The definitive reference on the subject. Extremely well illustrated, including color pictures and tipped-in facsimiles. Includes price guide.


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