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Iceland Philatelic Books
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AFA Iceland (and Denmark) Specialized 2016 Catalog This is the AFA Specialized catalog that is issued only every few years (last in 2008). However, the last edition to include Iceland was 21 years ago in 1995 (and an updated English translation in 1997). As it relates to Iceland this catalog is updated and revised, with mostly replaced images (now in color). To a very high degree, the 1997 translation can still be used with this new 2016 edition. Otherwise this is also the "bible" for Danish collectors and also includes specialized listings for Faroe, DWI, Slesvig, and Greenland. 752 pages. Hardbound. This is a must-have reference.


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AFA Iceland Specialized Catalog 1997 (AFA, SPF, Smith; 1997) Translated, revised, and completely updated listings from the 1995 (Danish) Specialized Catalog. In my opinion, the best Iceland catalog for issues to 1940. Stamps, plate varieties, cover and postal history pricing, postal rates, early cancels, etc. Completely in English. Though this was published in 1997, it is still (2013) the best available on the subject. Sturdy coil bound; can be opened all the way around and lays completely flat.


#17011 Iceland Handbook: Skilling & Aurar Oval Stamps (Bliese, 1991) German-language handbook of stamps, postal history, cancellations, plate varieties, overprints, inverted frames, etc. Includes first aurar officials too.


#17020 ═ Gildi '02-'03 ([Lundgards] DAKA, 1998) A typeset reproduction of Erik V. Lundgard's 1941 "famous" report on these overprinted stamps. Until now, a highly secret document hoarded by a handful of people. Valuable information on the printing of these stamps, including print quantities of each variety, but in Danish.


#17018 Iceland 1930-44 Thomas De La Rue Issues (Thorsteins, 1996; 18 page article: Thomas De La Rue & Co. Limited Stamp Issues 1930 to 1944; appearing in Nordia 96 Show Catalog #2) An outstanding ENGLISH language article about these stamps and production, particularly the ESSAYS OF THIS PERIOD with excellent illustrations. Important reference.


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Icelandic Postal Stationery (2019, Helgason) A long-needed and important handbook and catalog for this significant subject. This is the first major work on this subject, in English, in nearly 60 years. Hardbound, 245 pages, with complete text in Icelandic AND COMPLETE ENGLISH. The catalog listings, which necessarily use a new numbering system, do not have prices. (I plan to eventually develop a basic pricing supplement and a concordance for catalog numbers; I do not have a publication date, but they will be provided free to purchasers from me.) Only 100 copies were printed -- OUT OF PRINT. Will be rare! A must-have reference for serious collectors of Iceland or Icelandic postal stationery. (Sorry for high cost due to very small print run.) LOTS OF NEW INFORMATION!

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#17028 Iceland Thorvaldsen Society Christmas Seals (Eythorsdottir, 2000; Jolimerki Thorvaldsensfelagsins) Attractive and interesting book giving the history of the Icelandic Christmas Seals official issuer and listing all the seals. In FULL COLOR and gives a full description of the seal including a bio of the artist. In Icelandic.


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Postal Rates in Iceland 1870-2009, Second (2017) Edition (Flack, 2017) The primary reference for Icelandic postal rates. Significantly UPDATED. Entirely in English and with 229 pages and color illustrations. A monumental work including the local, domestic, Nordic, European, and world rates; parcel rates, special services, etc. Due to the massiveness of the information, the worldwide parcel rates only extend to WWII (thus keep your old edition for the partial later worldwide parcel rate information it includes). The rate tables are easy to understand and use; the air tables include both the supplemental air rate information and the total of the air and the surface components. This is a must-have book!


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#17010 Post Offices of Iceland (Thorsteins, 1991; Posthus og Brefhirdingar a Islandi) Extremely useful list of post offices; with known cancel types used at each, dates of use, inc. C&P and numeral cancels. Also fully illustrated Reykjavik cancel supplement. Very valuable for cancel or postal history collectors. Includes ENGLISH WORD LIST.


#17022 Handbook of Icelandic Numeral Cancellations, SECOND EDITION (Foreningen Islandssamlarna, 1997; Handbok over Islandska Nummerstamplar, Andra upplagen) Important new edition illustrating all cancels and giving complete locations, dates of use, etc. Contains new information. Includes plastic overlay for #9 & 66. Includes English word list. Recommended.


#17004 Post Offices & Cancels of Sudur Pingeyjarsyslu (Hallgrimsson, 1985?; Postsaga Sudur Pingeyjarsyslu. 1. hefti.) The first volume of post offices and cancellations, by district. No other volumes have appeared. Maps each P.O., illustrates P.O., pictures cancels, lists dates, cancels, and postmasters. In Icelandic; includes English word list.


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#10036 Iceland Revenue Stamps (Scandinavian Revenue Stamps, Volume 1) (Nelson, 1983, with 1984 supp., 2nd printing) This complete volume is the best English-language source of information on Icelandic revenue stamps, including Stimpilmerki, Orlof, Sparimerki, and Tollurs. Original is out of print; this is an authorized photocopied hardbound edition.


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