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Greenland Philatelic Books
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Stamps Tell the Story of Greenland (Lindegaard, 2000) A magnificent English-language book melding wonderful images of Greenlandic stamps with beautiful photographs of Greenland and Greenlandic life, fauna, and flora. The accompanying text weaves together the story of all aspects of Greenland life, history, geography, etc. If you collect Greenland, you will want this outstanding book.


#16031 Ships in Greenlandic Waters Over 1000 Years: Set of Two Volumes (Ventegodt, Greenland Post Office, 2003) Officially issued by the post office set of two books detailing and illustrating the history of navigation in Greenlandic waters. Each volume hardbound, each 64 pages, and each completely IN ENGLISH. Fascinating and informative text, and accented with relevant stamp illustrations. Includes all 16 stamps issued for this subject in 2002-2005. Wonderful books for Greenland philatelists and Nordic / Arctic and/or ship history buffs. These should be (but are not) in most major public libraries.


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#16008 Greenland Postal Rates After 1938 (Frolund, 1984; Gronlandske Posttakster efter 1938) Extremely handy and easy to use listing of postal rates. Most basic rates included, but no longer the best reference. Now the most important feature is the listing of intended postal rate use of each stamp issue. In Danish, but easy to use.


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De Gronlandske Posthistorikere has produced an important group of research publications that are of interest to specialists, researchers, and postal historians. Many of the publications reproduce official documents (original sources) while others reproduce examples of covers & pages from collections. Most are in Danish with some ENGLISH picture captions. JSA is distributor.
#16015 The UPU and the First Greenlandic Stamps (2 volumes) (1986; UPU og de forste Grondlandske Frimærker) Official documents and research on the first regular postage stamp issue.


#16013 First World War: Greenland, Faroe, Iceland (1987; 1.Verdenskrig Gronland Faeroerne Island) Reproductions of official documents.


#16009 Greenland Postal History Booklets (Set of 18 booklets) Subjects include: Thule expeditions, parcel cards, numbered parcel labels, telegrams, Red Cross message letters, ship mail, airmail postage rates & routes, WWII postal routes, stampless letters, radio letters, naval mail, and much more. A tremendous resource; 18 booklets.


#16022 Ship Mail to Greenland 1781-1879 (1988; Skibsforbindelsen ti Gronland 1789-1879) Official documents, ship sailings, postal history.


#16012 Ship Mail to Greenland 1880-1908 (1986; Skibsforbindelsen ti Gronland 1880-1908) Official documents, ship sailings, examples of covers, postal history, etc.


#16025 Mesters Vig 1950-85 (3 volumes) (1989) The history and postal history of this northern outpost including radio postal history, cancellations, covers, ship mail, etc.


#16020 Kap Cort Adelaer History and postal history of this remote radio post, including the radio response cards mailed to/from KCA around the world.


#16016 Reports from the Royal Greenlandic Company 1952-71 (3 volumes) (1986; Meddelelser fra K.G.H. 1952-71 1-3) Reproductions of official documents and reports.


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