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Essential Philatelic Equipment
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The following listings of philatelic equipment and supplies are items that I find particularly handy and which I use myself. I think you will agree. I am not a supply dealer; you may be able to find these items elsewhere at lower prices. I carry these items as a convenience to my clients. I welcome your suggestions for other offerings. SHIPPING IS ADDITIONAL FOR THE ITEMS IN THIS CATEGORY.
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Stamp Mount Cutter This is the mount cutter that we prefer to use in the office and with our personal collections. Made sturdy enough to cut heavy paper, yet highly precise with a sensitive touch. 6.75-inch cutting length with spring-loaded cutting arm to make smooth, even cuts effortlessly. Clear plastic hold-down at the cutting edge is narrow enough to work with very small mounts and wide enough to hold firmly -- it can be removed for larger items. Crisp, clean cuts with confidence. The handy slide-out (removable if you wish) storage drawer is terrific for keeping various small mount pieces. We have been using this for a couple of years, but I wish it had existed decades ago! Lower cost than other mount cutters of this size -- and I think it is better!

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Highly recommended item!
Fundamentals of Philately (L.N. Williams, 1990 Revised Edition) Hardbound 862-page encyclopedic reference with information for every collector, exhibitor, or dealer, from beginner to specialist. Includes printing, ink, paper, watermarks, gum, perfs, design, etc. Hundreds of illustrations. Back in stock!


#1000003 Ultra-Violet (UV) Light (long wave only) Very handy light requires only 4 "AA" batteries (not included). Long-wave UV works for all Scandinavian stamps and most others, but not for U.S. stamps. You can take it anywhere, easily fits in pants pocket or purse. NEVER LOOK INTO THE LIGHT. UV LIGHT CAN DAMAGE EYESIGHT AND ALSO CAUSE "SUNBURN".


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Instanta Perforation Gauge In my opinion, this is the fastest and most accurate perforation gauge there is. Accurate to a tenth of a perforation, with continuous measurement. You simply slide the stamp along the lines until the perfs line up. The clear plastic allows the gauge to be used for stamps on covers too. Measures from gauge 9.8 to 18. Also includes 40 millimeter ruler with half-mm marks. This is what I have personally and professionally used for many years.

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#1000009 Stamp Tongs High-quality, German-made tongs that we use ourselves. This 12 cm length is easiest to handle for most people. Pointed tip for greatest accuracy, but not the super-sharp tips that tend to cause accidents.


#1000012 Watermark Tray Black plastic virtually-unbreakable tray for watermarking your stamps. We do NOT sell watermark fluid. WARNING: Some fluids will damage stamps, including Norway V overprints; you must use a "safe" type. WARNING: WATERMARK FLUID IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH -- USE ONLY IN WELL-VENTILATED AREA. TAKE CARE.


#1000011 Stamp Hinges, pack of 1000 Basic hinges. I am not aware of any hinges currently on the market that I would recommend for mint stamps. However, these hinges are perfectly okay for used stamps.


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Magnifying Glass -- 10x 21mm Jeweler's Loupe The general style of 10x magnifier that I use, however, this particular one is much less costly than the better ones -- the price is just a fraction of the nicer ones. The lenses are glass, the case is metal, it folds up for your pocket, and it comes in a neat little carrying box. You can probably find this or similar online at a lower price, but then you usually have to pay a lot for shipping. I offer this as a convenience. That said, this will do the job perfectly well and save you money. TO USE: Hold still and close to the eye (about an inch or so) and about an inch or so from the object -- move the object, not the glass, to attain focus. SHIPPING COST: Extra unless you add to an already bulky order.

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