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Faroe GF10 Specialized Catalog DAKA 2017 The premier Faroe specialized catalog; the 'bible' for Faroe collectors. COLOR illustrations and COMPLETE ENGLISH text. Includes stamps, booklets, FDCs, show cards, packs, maximum cards, FREIGHT STAMPS, REVENUE STAMPS, all the town postmarks (on both older Danish and modern Faroe stamps), extensive (and greatly expanded) postal history including war-time mail, ship postmarks, postal rates (greatly expanded), and MUCH MORE. Now with 316 pages this is significantly revised and expanded since the last (2010) edition. Every collector of Faroe should have this catalog!

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#14018 Faroe Stamps 1975-2013 (2013, Faroe Post) Very handy color catalog showing all the stamp issues, print quantities, and final dates of sale. Has check list boxes to keep track of what you have. Does NOT include market values/prices. Also lists the machine stamps, year packs, local post office dates of operations and a map of locations, and Christmas seals with designer names. However, the most valuable feature is a listing of the modern postal rate CATEGORIES and code numbers that are then shown in the stamp listings so that the reader can determine for which postal rate a specific stamp was issued -- this info was previously not available to the vast majority of collectors.


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More Stamps and Story of the Faroe Islands (Brandt, 2006; 1st English ed.) A truly fascinating and readable book about Faroe stamps and postal history. Told as a story, woven with the life and history of the Faroes. Brandt first published Stamps and Story of the Faroe Islands in 1996, with 176 pages. More... incorporates those 176 pages and then continues on with second "volume" containing 7 more chapters making a grand total of 360 pages. Even if you own the 1996 book, you will absolutely want this as well. Wonderfully illustrated, completely in English, and a quality production all around. Highly recommended and an absolute must-have book for anybody interested in Faroe philately, history, or culture.


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#14014 The Faroe Post 1870-2000 (Johannesen, 2000; Postur i Foroyum) An impressive 528-page hardbound volume documenting the history of the Faroe post office (not postal history, but history of the post). Hundreds of illustrations, many in color, including all the stamps. Though entirely in Faroese, the illustrations will be of great interest to serious collectors of Faroe. I even note illustrations of what appears to be Faroese Tin Can Mail!


#14010 Faroe Currency Exchange Revenue Checklist, 3rd Edition (Jay Smith, 1994) Description and checklist of these scarce ram-design revenue stamps including new information on two different printings, plus recently discovered overprints.


#14015 Faroe Islands Meter Marks 1943-2001 + Article (Petersen, 2001) Subtitled: A detailed listing of meter marks used in the Faroe Islands since 1943. The best-ever such listing to that date. Plus includes a copy (with permission) of a very useful 2001 article by Hague which provides the history of postal meters in the Faroes, discusses the various machines and manufacturers, etc. Both are entirely in English. An interesting collecting field.


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