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New website price lists & announcements in order of issuance...

New on 14 September 2023:

   A hard-to-find Finland overprint variety, Scott #126a, the Thin "2", in a multiple has been added to the several other examples of #126a. See them all at the bottom of this page.

   A nice group of Karelia stamps with village cancellations (including one post office only in operation for 6 months), and sets of blocks with XF First Day Cancellations have been added to the Karelia 1941-1943 Specialized Stamps page.

   A small group of Bechuanaland Stamps and a large group of Bechuanaland Protectorate Stamps has been added. These issues are seldom offered.

   A small group of Early Romanian Commemorative stamps has been added. I particularly like these few early sets and I think you will too.

New on 7 September 2023:

   More Danish Stamps have been added, including nice looking examples of the scarce #O3. See the New Arrivals page.

   Greenland Blackprint have been restocked. If they sell out again before you get what you need, email to get on the waiting list.

   A nice range of Early Norwegian stamps have been added including scarce Mint stamps.

   United States Scott #477-480, the 50c - $5 Perforation 10, Unwatermarked Washington-Franklin issues, have been added, with beautiful examples, both Mint and Used. These are very much worth a look.

   A large selection of early Costa Rica Stamps has been added, from #1 up into the 1940s. There is a nice selection of the different perforations that Scott mentions but does not actually list.

New on 31 August 2023:

   Denmark Stamps: Additional high quality stamps, such as Scott #J23 NH XF and a well-centered #P18 Used with nice cancel have been added on the New Arrivals page.

   FOUR new pages have been added starting here for Danish "Ferie" Vacation Savings Stamps. These include the topical themes of butterflies, windmills, travel, and bicycles.

   Greenland Postal Savings Stamps Some additional examples have been added to the website, including one color with village cancels; the first examples I have seen of that color that did not have Avane number cancels. Also, one with a rare village cancel that even Wowern was unable to illustrate!

   A very attractive example of the rare Iceland Scott #6 (4 sk Line Perforation 12.5) at a very reasonable price.

   Iceland 1920-1929 stamps (Scott #108-150 including scarce overprints), in excellent quality, with quite a few scarce NH examples have been added. Start here and see all four pages through Scott #150.

   Variations on the scarce Swedish 2005 Greta Garbo souvenir sheet have been added. Also the "normal" version (but still scarce) is on sale at a significant savings while the few I have last.

   Sweden Scott #398, the 1.75 kr 3-Crown stamp, is the key value of the Used 3-Crown series. Several top quality examples have been added.

   British Honduras Stamps. Large group added.

   Brunei Stamps. Nice selection from a seldom-offered country.

New on 24 August 2023:

   Denmark "Scarcities" Stamps: Stamps missing from most collections: Scott #138-141 NH & Mint Hinged, about 36 stamps added! The second-to-last stamp added to most collections: Scott #O4 -- Three examples added! I have also restocked almost all the postage due stamps; start here and also on next two pages: Danish Postage Dues

   Early Danish Christmas Seals with Faroe Theme and with Greenland Theme.

   Greenland ROCKWELL KENT classic airmail stamp. This belongs in every Greenland collection, but with only about 400 printed, only a few can have an example.

   High quality early Swedish stamps.

   British East Africa Stamps. Not often offered.

   British Guiana Stamps. Large group added.

   Worldwide souvenir sheets and other oddments. Attractive topical items, including Space.

New on 17 August 2023:

   Danish West Indies Stamps: A nice group of one-of-a-kind stamps have been added and are best seen in the New Arrivals. I have also restocked many "regular" stamps; start here: DWI Table of Contents.

   United States Stamps: Scott #418-423 I have added a nice group of mostly-Mint high denominations in the Perforation 12, Single-Line and Double-Line Watermarked issues. They deserve a look!

   Gold Coast Stamps A large group has been added.

   Gilbert & Ellice Islands Stamps and Gilbert Islands Stamps Very useful groups of both have been added.

   British Central Africa Stamps A nice group from this hard-to-find country has added.

   British Antarctic Territory Stamps New items have been added and some out-of-stock stamps have been restocked.

   An emailed-only 17 August 2023 E-News has been issued. If you do not receive the E-News, Subscribe now!

New on 10 August 2023:

   Sweden Military Reply Stamps and Sweden Military Reply Stamp Mint Envelopes After 20+ years of procrastinating, I have finally added these important sections, with full cataloging and illustrations (so each is both a price list of what I have and a permanent reference catalog with illustrations and identification information, whether or not I have the item at the moment). The listings of items currently available include all the key items that are missing from most collections, as well as all the very low-price items.

   Gibraltar Stamps We have just added another large group of Gibraltar stamps, from the early issues up to about 2010. This should fill some holes in your collection.

   An emailed-only 10 August 2023 E-News has been issued. If you do not receive the E-News, Subscribe now!

New on 3 August 2023:

   Åland Covers A nice selection of postally used (bank mail) registered covers from small villages, with higher-value frankings (first, second, and third weight level postal rates, plus registration) include some stamps that are hard to find postally used.

   Faroe Covers including with PERFINS, tied-by-cancellation Christmas Seals, Ship Mail, First Flights, and more.

   Greenland Covers including postally used picture post cards mailed from the Sdr. Strømfjord airport in the 1950s, including bearing First Issue stamps.

   Iceland Stamps A Mint Superb example of #2 and a Used VF example of #O66 with January 1930 cancellation. Both are seldom seen in such nice quality.

   United States Stamps I have been adding Mint & Used early issues including some with special cancellations. There is everything ranging from XF-Superb to nice looking "Bargains".

   Hong Kong Stamps We have just added another large group of Hong Kong stamps, from early issues into the 1990s, plus back of book. There are now SIX pages of Hong Kong; use the page navigation to get to the subsequent pages.

   Worldwide Souvenir Sheets and other larger format items We have just added another batch of these interesting and attractive items. See them all the new additions with images here.

   The Facit 2024 Classic Scandinavian Specialized Catalog, was released in June 2023, and has been available and in stock since then.

   An emailed-only 3 August 2023 E-News has been issued. If you do not receive the E-News, Subscribe now!

Weekly summaries on this page were suspended due to lack of staff in the office, from 23 April 2020 through 27 July 2023. However, we issued the E-News every week, with lots of new items. If you do not receive the E-News, Subscribe now!

Announcement on 8 April 2020:

Sadly, our 20-year associate, coworker, and friend, Throop Brown, passed away today after several weeks of declining health. A lifetime collector who became a stamp dealer in his early 20s, Throop enjoyed a lifetime of philately. We miss our friend tremendously.

New Printed Price Lists Available by Postal Mail  
New printed price lists of all -- and only -- the items on the website are available. The printed price lists do not include the illustrations. Due to the amount of work involved, the printed price lists are updated only every few weeks.

There are separate price lists for:

   Each Scandinavian Country:

       Danish West Indies
       Denmark (including Slesvig)
       Finland (including Karelia and North Ingermanland)
       Norway (does NOT yet include all "regular" stamps)
       Sweden (does NOT yet include all "regular" stamps)

   Slania-Engraved items (also Greta Garbo)

   United States Stamps (and few covers)
   Worldwide Stamps (and a few covers). Does not include U.S. or Scandinavia.

   Scandinavian Philatelic Literature

Please only request the lists you actually need; they are very expensive to print and mail.

Please read this if you are in the U.S. or Canada or this if you are in another country. Then send an email and please specifically state if you want specific Scandinavian countries, Slania, United States, Worldwide, or Scandinavian philatelic literature price lists. (Repeated non-specific requests will probably be ignored.)

Please note that these lists only include what you see listed on this website and are provided simply as a convenience. If what you are seeking is not shown on the website, then please send your want list rather than just requesting a price list. (If it is not on the website, it won't be in the price list.) Clients who send want lists always have access to the freshest stock and new items as they come in.

For U.S. and Canadian Clients...
The first copy of printed price lists will be sent to U.S. and Canadian clients at no charge. Further updates can be sent, upon request, at no charge to those clients actively making purchases or who send want lists. Otherwise there may be a postage charge for further updates -- these lists cost several dollars each to print and mail.

For Overseas Clients...
Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests received from overseas people who seem to just collect "free price lists" -- and because a) all the information the lists contain is on this website and b) the overseas airmail postage cost is very high -- there will be a MINIMUM $10 shipping charge (payable by MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, cash, US$ check, etc.) for price lists sent to overseas addresses. A matching-amount credit voucher will be included with the price lists and will be valid only on purchases (totaling) at least five times the amount of the credit. Example: If the shipping cost is $10, you will receive a $10 credit which will be valid on a purchase of $50 or more.

Please email to inform me of the desired price lists and to learn the shipping cost for them. I will need to know exactly which price lists you wish to receive and I will need to know your COMPLETE POSTAL ADDRESS.

Once you have been informed of the shipping cost and if you wish to proceed....

To send shipping cost payment by PayPal, use the email address "paypal@JaySmith.com", use a subject of "Price List Shipping Payment" and be sure to indicate again the price lists you desire and include your complete postal address.

To send your MasterCard or Visa number, please use my secure payment website. For your security, never put a credit card number in a normal email!

To send a US$ check or cash (at your own risk), please see my postal address information.
New Resource Articles  
   Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Ultraviolet Light, and Scandinavian Philately A useful and practical explanation.

   Hidden in Plain View: Stamp Position Codes "The language of stamps" or the meaning of stamp positions on letters and post cards.

   An interesting new, fully illustrated article on Swedish stamp formats and the different perforations that result.

Several other interesting articles are available with new articles posted regularly.
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You can also view the archive (still being finished) of previous editions of the E-News.
<<< NEW >>>
Facit >> Scott and Scott >> Facit Catalog Number Concordances
To meet my own need for catalog number concordances, I have finally started publishing comprehensive catalog number concordances for the Scandinavian countries. At this moment only DWI, Greenland, and Iceland are ready (the later two only up to 1995, so far). However, I will be preparing these bidirectional catalog number concordances for all the Scandinavian countries and eventually will include the other specialized catalogs as well. Reservations are welcomed. These are very inexpensive (considering the labor required to make them) and are published loose-leaf. An attractive binder is available. I intend to update the concordances annually; subscriptions are available. Though these have only been available for a few weeks, they have been a great hit. You will find them extremely useful!  
<<< NEW >>>
Facit Specialized Catalog PAGES BY THE COUNTRY.
These are genuine Facit Catalog pages, not copies (of course!). They are loose pages; please be aware that there is no room for binding -- you will have to figure out for yourself how to bind or otherwise manage them. The pricing is by country. There are sometimes conflicts involving back-to-back countries, thus I am offering the pages a number of different ways to compensate for this. Supply is very limited. If you have always wanted a Facit Catalog, but could not justify it for "just one country", this is your chance -- but you must act quickly. Here is more information about the Facit Scandinavian Specialized Catalog.  
Shopping Cart System and Secure Website for Credit Card Payment  
My shopping cart system is fully functional for almost all the price list pages. The cart system will be extended to the few remaining pages very soon. I also have a secure website for secure acceptance of credit card payments. You can use this method any time you wish to send your credit card information: for placing orders, making approval payments, or for updating new issue and Stender supplement credit card information, etc. I take the privacy and security of your information very seriously -- I never share your information with anybody for any reason.  
Scandinavian Philatelic Literature, including the Scandinavian Annual Catalogs  
The web versions of my philatelic literature price lists were last updated on 15 July 2024 and are the most current. Knowledge is the key to enjoying your collection and the key to buying wisely. View the listings live on the web or download the literature price list in PDF format. Let me know If you would prefer a printed copy sent by postal mail.  
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Jay Smith & Associates is offering to its clients an opportunity to invest in the company. If you might be interested in interest rates of up to 8% (paid in cash) and up to 15% (paid in merchandise credit), be sure to read the complete information and risk statement.
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